Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 15

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the beautiful view on Sunday from our bike ride. The sun gave lovely kisses to Tom Ford and Fancy Pants while we were on the trails. This is only my second visit to this park, but it's become my favorite place to hang out. It's crazy how many different noises you hear from the trees and critters. It's peaceful in it's own way. Also, my bad for not posting yesterday. It was a super duper busy day. Hell, this week is a super busy one, too.

SATURDAY | The first Business Advancement Conference started at 8AM, which meant no sleeping in till noon like I did last weekend. I picked up Connie and off to the Houston Food Bank on the other side of town we went. This conference was different than the usual conferences we go to. This wasn't designed specifically for bloggers, but for small businesses. HLB was contacted by the founder/CEO of BAC, Kiersten Kindred, to be mentors for the event. Read more about the conference here. It's not very often that HLB members meet up in person so when we do, it's fantastic. Not only do we all get along really well, but we are extremely supportive of one another. Even if we're in different blogging niches. Connie, Jihane and I talk almost daily. Text, FB chat, emails, and phone calls. It's crucial that we keep in touch so that our #LatinaTribe is on the same page and we can continue to grow! I can't tell you how excitamated I got when I opened the BAC handout we were all given and I saw our names with our tribes name and the position as Mentors. The three of us have worked so freaking hard to make our tribe one of the best in Houston. That's not to say that our ladies haven't done their part as well. We've all worked very hard to put the Houston Latina Bloggers on the map. I mean, we're getting so involved with events in our city that at times it feels a bit overwhelming but because we have such a legit tribe, we proceed to get shit done! Which btw, if you're a Latina in Houston who blogs.. hit me up! We're always taking new folks to join our awesome tribe!

The fact that this conference was at the HFB was pretty amazing, too. I had never been to a food bank and was totally impressed. The walk around the food bank was crazy but I loved that you could see the warehouse, the volunteers, and the assembly line that volunteers work on. Everything was so clean and the folks were so polite and helpful! I enjoyed the words of encouragement throughout the building as well. 

After the HFB, I took Connie home and I rushed home to take a nap. A much needed nap because birthday shenanigans were in store for the evening. Not mine, but a good friend of ours. When we first got Remidog (follow us on FB), we took him to our favorite vet. Sugar Land Pet Hospital. All of our kids have been here and it's not because we lived in the area or knew a few of the folks that worked there. It's because the service is EXCELLENT and you never feel like you're being taken advantage of. The docs and the techs show geniuine love to our kids and we appreciate that so much. So on Remidog's first visit (which was one we thought would end with Remidog losing his life), we met Amanda. Amanda treated Remidog like one of her own. She wasn't afraid to touch him or say sweet things to him. Remidog was found with a really bad case of demodex mange and my handsome boy looked super rough. We've appreciated Amanda since day one.. even after Remidog pooped all over the room's table. Amanda came to my birthday this year and mingled with Mama Carrizo and the rest of the crew. It was only right that we helped celebrate her birthday with her crew. We had a blast and laughed entirely too much!! I didn't take too many pics because we were at a dive bar and the lighting sucked.

SUNDAY |  E let me sleep in and we met up later in the afternoon at the trails. This meant I had to wake up and do some house chores. I want to say I slept till noon but I'm thinking it was probably closer to 11. Housechores and breakfast done. Played with the kiddos outside for a while. Read some more of the book I'm super into & recommend, You are a Badass (affiliate), and finished the laundry. Stole one of E's shirts and rushed to meet him at the trails. My GPS sent me a different route than last time and I'm thankful for that cause it had me arriving at the trails earlier than expected. Plus I got to see some pretty sweet homes. The day was super cloudy but not rainy cloudy, just windy cloudy. This made it a sweet ride expect the mosquitos were out and about. Always have OFF handy for outside events. Especially lately since there's that crazy skeeter shit going around. After the ride, we hit up our Mexican joint and had ritas as usual. And that was my weekend!


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