Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 14

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the soap dispenser in the unisex bathroom at Eight Row Flint. This is where I was Saturday night. A new trendy bar in the Heights. I liked the ol' school feel the bathroom had with the dispenser and the subway tile. And it was super duper clean! My weekend wasn't as wild as it typically is. I used the weekend to recharge my batteries. Last week was rough on my brain and this week won't be any better so I planned ahead with lots of sleep.

SATURDAY | I woke up around noon. I think I went to bed the night before a bit early so sleeping late gave me a ton of energy. Energy that was used on house chores. Ugh, how lame! But this is the life of an adult and there's no going back. E went on a late bike ride so this gave me a lot of time to get my shit together with the casa and to goof off on my phone. I also started reading a new book. You are a badass by Jen Sincero (affiliate). I'm about 50 pages in and feeling like a badass. 😄Definitely recommend it. 

We met up with some friends Saturday night at Eight Row Flint. Did you know..
Eight Row Flint is the heirloom corn that the Native American Indians shared with the English settlers who first settled in New England. It is also the first corn distilled into whiskey in the US. Although this heritage seed went extinct in the US for decades, the seeds were exported to Italy where the corn flourished.
Our meet up was with a new mama and her husband so it was like a coming out party! We ate, we drank and we laughed. Oh, and the ladies and I took some funny bathroom selfies. Only one is internet friendly 😂 We ordered tacos. Delicious braised 44 farm beef cheek tacos. Yes, they were good. No, they were not the best we've ever had. Yes, they were expensive. $5.50 each. I like corn tortillas so that was a major plus, but they only used one corn tortilla. Everyone knows you need two corn tortillas for one taco. Or atleast I thought everyone knew. No Dos X, which isn't a big deal cause I can drink a Bombshell Blonde and be straight. Oh, and it's a dry area of the heights so you have to become a member of the drinking club or some shit. I had no clue that even existed in Houston. Kind of annoying, but once you're a member, you're good to drink. By dry area I mean that you can't legally drink. This is why they have drinking clubs (don't think that's what they're call, LOL) so you hand over your ID and they put your info in their system. Weird, but we didn't bitch about it. I ended up going to sleep around 2:30AM watching a new Netflix Original series. More on that later.

SUNDAY |  I woke up at one. It was glorious! What made it even better was waking up to E asking me if I wanted pancakes. Not just any kind of cakes, but Whataburger cakes! I never say no to Whataburger.. especially not cakes! We planned on bike riding cause the weather was gorgeous but No Pants Sunday got the best of us and we stayed at home doing random shit. By random I mean E did yardwork and I worked on a site I'm doing for a friend and another week of Project Life! Jay enjoyed her Sunday, as she typically does. She likes to lay her butt in the Kitchen near the backdoor and water bowl. Guess it's easy to go use the restroom, drink water and lay in the cold Kitchen floor. Don't mind the dirty floors, walls, and windows. I live with five dogs and keeping anything clean is a huge challenge for me 😂 Chula enjoyed her new bed from Mama Carrizo. And I worked on my Project Life, week 10!


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  1. Gosh! You had a busy weekend anyway!! Sleeping is amazing. I love it. Need to do more of it. lol! Love that you are back on Project life, cause then you inspire me to think about maybe starting it.. but we shall see. haha.

    1. LOL inspire you to maybe start it!! You can do itttt!!

  2. I have had much sleep lately, but who needs sleep anyways. And I will not tell you I haven't done chores but I get cool points for Family time. Looks like you had a good time. I need to get me some of the Whataburger pancake mix.


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