Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Paper Files | April Giveaway w/ YoYo

As you may or may not know, I have tons of online friends that I've known for years. I've never met these folks in real life, but the bond is so legit that you'd think we've met in person. One of those people is Yoyo from Top Stitch. She can also be found on Instagram here. We've had mutual friends for a pretty long time and since she's not a Facebooker, we're totally friends on IG! Yoyo also does some serious stitching work and I'm even commissioning her for a taco fabric fanny pack for my bike rides! Yes, she's that freaking legit!! Yoyo lives in sunny California with her familia and her 4-legged kiddo, Tyson. Not only does Yoyo love dogs as much as I do, but she's into paper crafting as well! She's my numbero uno snailmail buddy with "postcards" of a picture she's taken from her adventures. Cool, right? I've considered sending actual pictures as snailmail but then worry that it won't make it in pristine shape. Luckily, her pictures are never damaged so I might start doing it myself.

So when I started asking folks if they wanted to host a paper giveaway with me, she was one of the first to hit me up! I knew it would be a perfect match so we worked on a theme for April and came up with Spring because duh! She went out and bought some paper goodies and I did the same. She mailed them to me, I took the pics and bam! we have a new #ThePaperFiles giveaway. Procrastinating got the best of me (as you may know I am pretty close to leveling up to Queen Procrastinator) and this post is late which means I could do a short giveaway or say screw it and extend it to early May. Yup, that's what I'm going with. Thursday, April 28th to Thursday, May 5th.

On this month's #ThePaperFiles giveaway, Yoyo and I are giving away five goodies that anyone who loves paper will definitely enjoy!

Number Uno: Dream Big 6x4 journal with Dream in a beautiful light blue on the bottom of the pages.

Number Dos: Sweet flowers & doodled journal with a plastic cover that doubles as a pouch for pens and business cards. Yellow lined paper at 8.5x6.

Number Tres: Die cut shapes, my favorite. 11 goldish cuts, 18 kraft cuts and oversized confetti. Plus, a cute heart and bees rubber stamp!

Number Cuatro: 2 mini prints and a gorgeous blank card saying Life is Beautiful so you can share with someone.

Number Cinco: Last but definitely not least, a colorful and very detailed art print at 8x10 saying Today is going to be Awesome that you can frame and put in an area that you'll see first thing in the morning.

Enter to win #ThePaperFiles April giveaway by following the directions at the end of this post!

If ya like what you see and want a chance to win, please follow the directions below. I will contact the winner by email so please make sure you put your correct email when commenting on this post. The giveaway starts today, Thursday, April 28th and will end Thursday, May 5th and is only available in the US. Some of the entry options give you multiple entries so don't forget about that.

Also, if you'd like to do a paper giveaway with me please let me know by emailing me at ariana@3twentysix.com!

Rafflecopter widget is acting funny. If it doesn't work for you, please leave a blog comment and I'll count that as your entry. More entries if you follow us on IG, Twitter & Facebook. Just make sure to leave your handle in your comment.

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Sorry about the extra work. I hope to get this all fixed by the time I do the next giveaway!

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  1. All of these are so pretty and can be used in so many different mediums.

  2. Those yellow pages got me like......

  3. Ooh, I love that Life is Beautiful journal. Great giveaway!!

  4. So pretty!! Great way to jazz up note taking :)

  5. Entered and crossing my fingers. I love the journal!


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