Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Paper Files | April Giveaway w/ YoYo

As you may or may not know, I have tons of online friends that I've known for years. I've never met these folks in real life, but the bond is so legit that you'd think we've met in person. One of those people is Yoyo from Top Stitch. She can also be found on Instagram here. We've had mutual friends for a pretty long time and since she's not a Facebooker, we're totally friends on IG! Yoyo also does some serious stitching work and I'm even commissioning her for a taco fabric fanny pack for my bike rides! Yes, she's that freaking legit!! Yoyo lives in sunny California with her familia and her 4-legged kiddo, Tyson. Not only does Yoyo love dogs as much as I do, but she's into paper crafting as well! She's my numbero uno snailmail buddy with "postcards" of a picture she's taken from her adventures. Cool, right? I've considered sending actual pictures as snailmail but then worry that it won't make it in pristine shape. Luckily, her pictures are never damaged so I might start doing it myself.

So when I started asking folks if they wanted to host a paper giveaway with me, she was one of the first to hit me up! I knew it would be a perfect match so we worked on a theme for April and came up with Spring because duh! She went out and bought some paper goodies and I did the same. She mailed them to me, I took the pics and bam! we have a new #ThePaperFiles giveaway. Procrastinating got the best of me (as you may know I am pretty close to leveling up to Queen Procrastinator) and this post is late which means I could do a short giveaway or say screw it and extend it to early May. Yup, that's what I'm going with. Thursday, April 28th to Thursday, May 5th.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 17

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by this sweet coffee mug with great advice. Trust your dopeness! This handcrafted mug can be found at Space Montrose. The store I've been meaning to visit since I started stalking them on Instagram. More pictures after my novel, as usual.

SATURDAY |  I worked about 11 hours Friday so I made it a point to sleep 11 hours πŸ˜‚ Sleep is super important, people! Did you know that man is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep? Yeah, the National Sleep foundation says so and I've witnessed it with myself many times. I had errands to run, more like money to spend, so after slapping the hell out of my alarm and wiping wet nose slobber from my face I jumped in the shower.

E's been helping a friend who's house was flooded recently. They removed tons of drywall and so much furniture. So freaking sad. Driving through my area of town is pretty depressing because of all the damaged homes and cars. What's even more depressing is the traffic trying to come in and out of my area of town. It took me almost an hour from my house to the closest freeway and that drive typically takes me 25 minutes, if that. Not a big deal on the weekend when I'm not really in a rush to go anywhere, but a huge pain in the ass for the commute to and from work.

I really enjoyed Space Montrose. Especially since they have their own parking area. Finding parking in the Montrose area is never an easy task. Most of the time you have to find parking in the residential streets and sometimes it's blocks and blocks of no space πŸ™ Even though they have their own parking, it was packed so I had to go down the residential streets. Lucky for me, I found a spot pretty fast! From the moment I walked into until the moment I left the store, I felt welcomed and excitamated to be there. The service is amazing. The constant chat and "thank you's" made my visit a great one. Everything is handcrafted in Houston or around the country. You know how much I love to support small business so this place was heaven for me. Lots of artwork, jewelry, shirts, bags, prayer candles and PINS! The pins are the reason I really wanted to visit this place. They recently released a sweet Houston pin that I needed in my life. Check out the snapshots below to get an idea of how awesome this store is and the goodies I bought for myself. They plan on opening an online store this summer so be on the look out for that!

So I checked off a place I've been meaning to visit from my must see list. No, I don't actually have a list for you to see. Maybe someday I'll put it on here. For now, I use Wunderlist for list making of places I want to visit. My list is mostly of places that serve or sell food. No surprise there, right?

I hit up Lush and Target in Memorial Mall after my Montrose trip. Never doing Target in the mall again. My anxiety was so high I forgot to buy the shit I was there for. Plus, I totally felt my age while surrounded by teeny boppers that were obviously super young (think 12-14) dressed like 18-25 year olds. I remember Mama Carrizo taking me to the mall with my homies when I was a teen but I definitely don't remember dressing like little hookers. Maybe it was a different time? Or maybe it was that Mama Carrizo made sure to raise me in a respectful manner. Ah, I don't know how you Mama's do it these days. 

SUNDAY |  One Sunday every month is dedicated to Sunday Streetz. It's not a street festival (they mention this multiple times), it's just an event where families can go out and be active. You can ride a bike, skate, walk or run. There are many vendors and food trucks! Last month we met up with Jessica and her family and we did it again this month. This time we told John and Julian to join us, too. Seems like when the four of us are together, it rains. Or so it has the last two weekends πŸ˜” Yes, we were soaked again. This time we were better prepared, though. We had our own beer and hung out under some big trees while we ate our koagie's from Koagie Hots. Amaze balls, btw. Someone broke into E's truck on Saturday so Tom Ford had no driver window. Meaning, Fancy Pants had to carry the bikes. No big deal but squeezing Tom into the garage was nerve wrecking, haha!

Kind of bummed that Jessica and I forgot a selfie. I mean, there were so many great photo op moments but we didn't want to pull our phones out and risk getting them wet. Bloggers without phones? Yeah, not happening!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 16

Today's Weekend Snapshots is super duper late. Probably the latest I've ever been with this series 😁 It's all good, though. Today's post is brought to you by two mini horses and two alpacas that I had the pleasure of hanging out with. Okay, I really only hung out with one, the skinny brown alpaca in the back that goes by the name of Yogi. This was my first alpaca encounter. That sounds weird haha It was pretty cool to hear about his personality and how he whimpers (or something similiar) when his alpaca diva buddy, Booboo, isn't near him (the white/tan alpaca in the pic above). Yogi is about 4 years old and he was adopted from an alpaca farm along with the diva alpaca. Alpaca's don't do much but the usual, eat sleep poop, but they spit too. Moving on..

BP MS150 is a two day event. Starts in Houston on Saturday with a night break at La Grange. From La Grande it finishes off Sunday in Austin. Last year day one was cancelled due to weather conditions. This year day two was cancelled due to weather conditions. The same conditions that have beat the living crap out of Houston and kept a few of us trapped at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort until yesterday morning.
The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising bike ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride is the largest event of its kind in North America with 13,000 cyclists, 3,500 volunteers and countless spectators along the route and at the finish line in Austin. The 2015 BP MS 150 had a record breaking year raising $20.3 million dollars, bringing hope to many who are living with multiple sclerosis.
SATURDAY | The day started super early as E and I needed to be at the start line by 6ish or so for an early start with his team. E is the Captain of Team Mostyn Law and I got position of photographer. Definitely not professional because I'm way not qualified for all that. Plus I don't have the right gadgets for all of that. But since I'm addicted to taking pictures of the most random shit AND need sweet pictures for my weekend snapshots, my husband and I thought it would be a great idea. A few of the folks from last year's team signed up for this year so I knew quite a few of them. E recruited one of our long time homies, John, so they occassionally bumped into each other during day one. 

Day one of the MS150 consisted of a lot of different things. Lots of driving and searching for team members. Not enough eating. Lots of picture taking. I mean, we were all over the place until we got to the finish line. I took a crapload of pictures but really haven't had the time to sit and edit. Will most likely put all those photos on my flickr account so stay tuned for that.

SUNDAY (sort of MONDAY & TUESDAY, too) | These three days are a bit of a blur as we were supposed to head home Monday morning. Nobody likes being off of work for a few days and then rushing back into it. That's why we took the extra day, Monday, off. We just didn't expect crazy Houston weather to screw us over. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please do a Google search. Houston got pounded Monday morning and there's no clue when we'll fully recover.

Thanks to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and the Mostyn Law firm, the four of us (me, E, John & his brother Julian) were able to enjoy our time while stranded there. We ate some lovely food, mingled with the friendly staff, played some games, the guys swam in the lazy river.. the list really goes on. Oh, Sunday we drove in the rain to our closest In-N-Out which luckily was half an hour away.

After being there so many days though.. we became super home sick. You could see it all over our face. We came back Tuesday morning to a disaster of a city. We weren't able to get home so we skipped it to head straight to E's work. Getting home after that wasn't an easy task. When I say we weren't able to get home, I mean like.. the streets were either flooded or congested with crazy traffic. No back streets would get you home and there were no short cuts. Everyone was using the same available street and you were stuck in it. 

Sorry for the novel 😁  it's just been a rough couple of days.
We're crossing our fingers for better weather in the H!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 15

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the beautiful view on Sunday from our bike ride. The sun gave lovely kisses to Tom Ford and Fancy Pants while we were on the trails. This is only my second visit to this park, but it's become my favorite place to hang out. It's crazy how many different noises you hear from the trees and critters. It's peaceful in it's own way. Also, my bad for not posting yesterday. It was a super duper busy day. Hell, this week is a super busy one, too.

SATURDAY | The first Business Advancement Conference started at 8AM, which meant no sleeping in till noon like I did last weekend. I picked up Connie and off to the Houston Food Bank on the other side of town we went. This conference was different than the usual conferences we go to. This wasn't designed specifically for bloggers, but for small businesses. HLB was contacted by the founder/CEO of BAC, Kiersten Kindred, to be mentors for the event. Read more about the conference here. It's not very often that HLB members meet up in person so when we do, it's fantastic. Not only do we all get along really well, but we are extremely supportive of one another. Even if we're in different blogging niches. Connie, Jihane and I talk almost daily. Text, FB chat, emails, and phone calls. It's crucial that we keep in touch so that our #LatinaTribe is on the same page and we can continue to grow! I can't tell you how excitamated I got when I opened the BAC handout we were all given and I saw our names with our tribes name and the position as Mentors. The three of us have worked so freaking hard to make our tribe one of the best in Houston. That's not to say that our ladies haven't done their part as well. We've all worked very hard to put the Houston Latina Bloggers on the map. I mean, we're getting so involved with events in our city that at times it feels a bit overwhelming but because we have such a legit tribe, we proceed to get shit done! Which btw, if you're a Latina in Houston who blogs.. hit me up! We're always taking new folks to join our awesome tribe!

The fact that this conference was at the HFB was pretty amazing, too. I had never been to a food bank and was totally impressed. The walk around the food bank was crazy but I loved that you could see the warehouse, the volunteers, and the assembly line that volunteers work on. Everything was so clean and the folks were so polite and helpful! I enjoyed the words of encouragement throughout the building as well. 

After the HFB, I took Connie home and I rushed home to take a nap. A much needed nap because birthday shenanigans were in store for the evening. Not mine, but a good friend of ours. When we first got Remidog (follow us on FB), we took him to our favorite vet. Sugar Land Pet Hospital. All of our kids have been here and it's not because we lived in the area or knew a few of the folks that worked there. It's because the service is EXCELLENT and you never feel like you're being taken advantage of. The docs and the techs show geniuine love to our kids and we appreciate that so much. So on Remidog's first visit (which was one we thought would end with Remidog losing his life), we met Amanda. Amanda treated Remidog like one of her own. She wasn't afraid to touch him or say sweet things to him. Remidog was found with a really bad case of demodex mange and my handsome boy looked super rough. We've appreciated Amanda since day one.. even after Remidog pooped all over the room's table. Amanda came to my birthday this year and mingled with Mama Carrizo and the rest of the crew. It was only right that we helped celebrate her birthday with her crew. We had a blast and laughed entirely too much!! I didn't take too many pics because we were at a dive bar and the lighting sucked.

SUNDAY |  E let me sleep in and we met up later in the afternoon at the trails. This meant I had to wake up and do some house chores. I want to say I slept till noon but I'm thinking it was probably closer to 11. Housechores and breakfast done. Played with the kiddos outside for a while. Read some more of the book I'm super into & recommend, You are a Badass (affiliate), and finished the laundry. Stole one of E's shirts and rushed to meet him at the trails. My GPS sent me a different route than last time and I'm thankful for that cause it had me arriving at the trails earlier than expected. Plus I got to see some pretty sweet homes. The day was super cloudy but not rainy cloudy, just windy cloudy. This made it a sweet ride expect the mosquitos were out and about. Always have OFF handy for outside events. Especially lately since there's that crazy skeeter shit going around. After the ride, we hit up our Mexican joint and had ritas as usual. And that was my weekend!


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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Project Life 10 | 2016

Today I'm sharing Week 10 of my Project Life 2016. I don't think I mentioned this last week but I changed the day my weeks start. For the last two years, I did my weeks from Saturday to Sunday. This year I'm doing it from Monday to Sunday so I can keep my weekend shenanigans together. 

I had a colorful week and since I'm still not used to the small space, I used two pages for this week. I guess this will be the norm for busy weeks. Since this week was super colorful, I had no clue what color to roll with. Picked two random cards and filled the rest up with pictures.

I've been trying to get motivated and inspired by checking out last years PL and of course the lovely Pinterest. I'm getting most of my motivation from Kelsey, Tracy and of course the sweet Cathy! These ladies have their shit together and are styling their pages fabulously. I'm freaking jealous and so annoyed with myself for not continuing last year. I lost my PL mojo when I quit. 😭 Crossing my fingers that I find my PL mojo on Week 11. Wish me luck!

PS Don't mind my handwritten card. One of the things on there makes no sense. I totally didn't think my sentence through. Also, need to find a sweet & cheap typewriter or fix my damn printer!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 14

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the soap dispenser in the unisex bathroom at Eight Row Flint. This is where I was Saturday night. A new trendy bar in the Heights. I liked the ol' school feel the bathroom had with the dispenser and the subway tile. And it was super duper clean! My weekend wasn't as wild as it typically is. I used the weekend to recharge my batteries. Last week was rough on my brain and this week won't be any better so I planned ahead with lots of sleep.

SATURDAY | I woke up around noon. I think I went to bed the night before a bit early so sleeping late gave me a ton of energy. Energy that was used on house chores. Ugh, how lame! But this is the life of an adult and there's no going back. E went on a late bike ride so this gave me a lot of time to get my shit together with the casa and to goof off on my phone. I also started reading a new book. You are a badass by Jen Sincero (affiliate). I'm about 50 pages in and feeling like a badass. πŸ˜„Definitely recommend it. 

We met up with some friends Saturday night at Eight Row Flint. Did you know..
Eight Row Flint is the heirloom corn that the Native American Indians shared with the English settlers who first settled in New England. It is also the first corn distilled into whiskey in the US. Although this heritage seed went extinct in the US for decades, the seeds were exported to Italy where the corn flourished.
Our meet up was with a new mama and her husband so it was like a coming out party! We ate, we drank and we laughed. Oh, and the ladies and I took some funny bathroom selfies. Only one is internet friendly πŸ˜‚ We ordered tacos. Delicious braised 44 farm beef cheek tacos. Yes, they were good. No, they were not the best we've ever had. Yes, they were expensive. $5.50 each. I like corn tortillas so that was a major plus, but they only used one corn tortilla. Everyone knows you need two corn tortillas for one taco. Or atleast I thought everyone knew. No Dos X, which isn't a big deal cause I can drink a Bombshell Blonde and be straight. Oh, and it's a dry area of the heights so you have to become a member of the drinking club or some shit. I had no clue that even existed in Houston. Kind of annoying, but once you're a member, you're good to drink. By dry area I mean that you can't legally drink. This is why they have drinking clubs (don't think that's what they're call, LOL) so you hand over your ID and they put your info in their system. Weird, but we didn't bitch about it. I ended up going to sleep around 2:30AM watching a new Netflix Original series. More on that later.

SUNDAY |  I woke up at one. It was glorious! What made it even better was waking up to E asking me if I wanted pancakes. Not just any kind of cakes, but Whataburger cakes! I never say no to Whataburger.. especially not cakes! We planned on bike riding cause the weather was gorgeous but No Pants Sunday got the best of us and we stayed at home doing random shit. By random I mean E did yardwork and I worked on a site I'm doing for a friend and another week of Project Life! Jay enjoyed her Sunday, as she typically does. She likes to lay her butt in the Kitchen near the backdoor and water bowl. Guess it's easy to go use the restroom, drink water and lay in the cold Kitchen floor. Don't mind the dirty floors, walls, and windows. I live with five dogs and keeping anything clean is a huge challenge for me πŸ˜‚ Chula enjoyed her new bed from Mama Carrizo. And I worked on my Project Life, week 10!


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Friday, April 1, 2016

Project Life 9 | 2016

Today I'm sharing Week 9 of my Project Life 2016. If you've been following this year, you know that I haven't shared any pages for Project Life this year. It's because I haven't done any 😁 Not for lack of goodies cause I have a shitload, but I fell off last year again  and wasn't sure I wanted to continue this year. I don't feel so bad about not finishing last year because I got further than 2014. Crossing my fingers that I make it even further this year, haha!

Another reason I didn't start in January was because I had been eyeballing a smaller binder, 9x12 to be exact. I finally made the purchase a few weeks ago and bought the Purple Rain 9x12 by Studio Calico that comes with 8-page protectors. Not that this binder is drastically smaller than the 12x12, but the difference is noticeable. The problem I'm having now is getting back into the groove of Project Life. I feel like before I stopped last year, I had a nice little setup going and I was happy with most of the page designs I was putting together. Now not only am I having to get to used to less space on my pages, but I also have to find my design style again. Instead of starting this year in January, I started in March.. so this is Week 9!

I almost gave up on this page. Almost gave up on the idea of a smaller binder. Almost gave up on Project Life. Going to give myself a few more weeks and see it how it goes.. but if I don't like the smaller size, anyone interested in buying the binder from me? Ha, let me know!!


Cards: Midnight Edition Core Kit (affiliate) I need more!!!
Stamps: Studio Calico's number clear stamps for the week number
Pictures: Printed with Canon SELPHY CP910 (affiliate)


What is Project Life? Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. There are no rules or deadlines in my book. You use pictures and journaling to memory keep your year. I started in 2014 and didn't finish. Continued in 2015 and didn't finish. Started 2016 in March and I'm crossing my fingers I follow through this year. I  keep my PL cards in order by size and not by who makes them so breaking down what each card/product is won't be easy for me, but I'll try my best.

For more of my PL pictures, visit my flickr page.
For more ideas on PL, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to PL.