Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 12

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the tasty & addicting Ferrero Rocher (affiliate) chocolate goodies. Jessica came down from Austin this weekend and gifted me with this lovely rabbit shaped chocolate protector! Not only does she know I love chocolate, but she knew the chocolate needed to be protected 😂

Friday- I rarely add Friday's but Finnashit got a bath and he always looks funny afterwards. His pre-pubescent mane is my favorite thing about him. E and Mama Carrizo have mentioned taking him to the groomers for a trim, but he'll lose his mane and all the hair that makes him my little weirdo.  😍  

Saturday- Jessica came down to visit from Austin. The plan was to wake up early and clean up anything I had forgotten the night before. Yeah, that didn't happen. Jessica was on her way to the H way before I even cracked my eyelids open. Once she got here, we ran some errands with E (translation: boring) and then it was time for food. Jessica is a big fan of Chuy's and actually introduced me to their nomtastic creamy jalapeno dip a few years ago. Off to Chuy's the three of us went where we drank, grubbed and told stories about random shit.

We went home and watched Point Break, yeah the new crappy one, until it was time to meet some homies at Bar Boheme. Bar Boheme, in case you're new to my blog, has the best Vietnamese fries in the H. Ok, so maybe I can't really say in all of Houston because technically I've only had Vietnamese fries here 😛  But they're so good that Jessica sent me a text before she arrived asking if we could visit that place with the yummy fries. If you live in Houston, definitely check them out! Speaking of Bar Boheme, we switched tables four times because it was cold and then it wasn't enough room for our party and then some of us were uncomfortable and then the last one we sort of mean mugged the folks so they would finish up and leave haha! Note: If Dos X is your type of beer, don't visit Bar Boheme because they do not carry it.

Sunday- Jessica and I picked up Whataburger for breakfast. The three of us shot the shit during breakfast and then Jessica drove back up to Austin. I had plans with Mama Carrizo and E went to a baby shower (enter giggle here). The picture below of the trees is a shot E captured at his mom's casa. I thought it was lovely so I played with it a bit and now I'm thinking of making it my lock screen on my phone. Not my wallpaper because that's a picture of my order at Whataburger. This is a judgment free zone so shut it 😏  Plans with Mama Carrizo were to shop & eat as we usually do. We tried convincing my sister but she had plans to work on some things at home. So off we went to our most favorite place, IKEA! We ate the usual hotdogs that we later regret and went upstairs to cause some damage. The real damage happens when we're downstairs, though. There are so many things to choose from but we kind of had an idea of what we were looking for. 

After IKEA I thought we were done until Mama Carrizo mentioned going to Best Buy because my sister had seen something $100 cheaper. See, I've been joking about wanting an Apple watch ever since I bought E the Fitbit Surge (affiliate) for our anniversary. I mean, I was joking but I totally wanted one. Then again, the price seemed so outrageous that it wasn't something I felt I should spend money on. So the $100 off that my sister told us about was for the Apple watch. That made it seem feasible to purchase. Still pricey for a watch. Hell, the one I've been wearing was like a $30 one that I'm pretty sure Mama Carrizo or my sister bought me. We talked to the Best Buy dude for a bit and did a lot of googling. Mama Carrizo and me inside the Best Buy and my sister at home on her Mac helping 😆  I ended up with an early birthday gift from my sister and E (I turn 32 on Saturday, eek!). Apple watch sport & a sweet Nomad stand (affiliate) that lets me attach the charger to. I mean, if we're going to be fancy then let's go all out, right? HAHA!

It's all pretty fresh and I haven't done too much with the watch, but I can tell you that it scared the hell out of me this morning on my drive to work. I got a text or some type of message and my wrist vibrated and pinged. I use my watches on my left wrist and also drive with my left hand. Imagine holding the steering wheel and some weird vibration (that could totally be confused with an electrical shock) goes off on your left wrist. You'd freak out to if you were new to these smart watches, man. #firstworldproblems 

The second to last picture is of Mama Carrizo setting up her new IKEA desk lamp that my sister and I thought was funny. She typically has us do all the "labor" work for her. Like how I had to build the bookshelf she bought at IKEA and how my sister tightened some of her existing furniture. We always joke that we could start a three-person moving and designing crew cause Mama Carrizo has had us doing shit forever 🙄

This Weekend Snapshots and pretty much all of them this year are hosted by Jessica and I. We'd love it if you joined us by linking up your weekend snapshots too!


  1. You and those Vietnamese fries. I want some. We need to hit one of your spots one day. I have not hung out with my homies in awhile, kinda miss them gals. Congrats on the watch...and early Happy bday! I want a new watch too but I want a Garmin that does all the fancy stuff. I have the Samsung one my hubby got me and I like it but you know those ads get yah.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Meatballs. I cannot leave Ikea without meatballs. And I clearly need to increase my income so I can eat at restaurants more. I miss having other people cook and serve me food. I think I want an Apple watch, but then I realize I never wear a watch, soooooo, probably not gonna start now. Happy early birthday!!!

  3. I've been to Ikea several times (ikea bookcases for the win!) but I have yet to eat at the food court!


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