Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 11

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by this super sketchy dock that Jessica and I peeped (with our significant others and Jack) on Sunday after Sunday Streets. Yes! Sunday Streets is back and we are super pumped for the next one! Jessica and I have been trying to get together to ride some Houston trails but the weather has been crap. The weather is typically glorious after crazy rain storms and since we had mucho rain last week, the weekend was fantastical!

This is a super duper heavy picture post & completely worth the view!
As usual, you can click the pictures to enlarge them :D

Saturday- The Houston Latina Bloggers hosted a Wellness & Beauty Networking Event and it was the shizzle! We had three amazing speakers and so many giveaways by our fantastic sponsors. Oh, and the snacks were oh, so good! We had a ton of help but I can't tell you how proud I am of the three of us (Connie, Jihane and I) for pulling this off! With each event, we learn something new and we realize how much we appreciate each other. It's an amazing feeling and one that I am incredibly grateful for. I'll do a separate post for the event but below are a few sneak peaks of the food, the ladies, and our professional headshot photographer Bre! I think I may have a part-time with her as an assistant LOL!  I told her I can help her anytime as long as she pays me in food. This goes for just about any part-time gig with me! Food is always a priority!

The rest of Saturday is a blur. I think it's cause I've been thinking about our event for a while and after all the stress of getting it together and actually setting shit up, it was time to turn off my brain. I did get into some Borderlands (affiliate) with the husband Saturday night though. Having two PS4's is fantastical! 

Sunday- I went thrifting at Playto's Closet Friday to get me a nice shirt for Saturday. Totally scored with two jeans, two sets of sunglasses and four shirts for me and a shirt and a Polo jacket for E. One of the shirts I scored was one I've wanted for a while but wasn't ready to pay $20+ for, a Kelly Kapowski shirt for $5! I pimped the hell out of it on Sunday with my new shades 8)

We met up with Jessica, her husband Dennis and their awesome son Jack at Sunday Streets. We ate from two food trucks because duh! The Modular, this is where the pulled pork sammich came from, and the Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream truck, where we ate a pineapple and cantaloupe popsciles. Sunday Streets is about three hours and we didn't really get to ride much so we decided to find a bike trail and go for it. I didn't realize the trail we were going to ride was an up and down thang. E has his light-weight bike in the shop so he used my fixie while I was forced to use the heavyass beach cruiser with no gears. :( So as you can imagine, I did a lot of walking up the hills cause my legs were not having it. But, we all got to explore areas of our city that we've been wanting to and overall we had a fantastical time. Jessica and I made sure to have our selfie sticks and we took a TON of pictures, hence the super duper heavy picture post! I finally got a chance to see "Explore" in person since I've seen so many people take pictures of random words at the parks. Jessica and I are thinking of exploring some more of these words and maybe do a series on them. No promises though LOL! We saw ducks and little ducklings to which E made sure to yell at us not to touch them. It's always been said that if you touch baby birds, your scent will make the mama not want her kids anymore. Whether or not that's true, who knows, but it's better safe than sorry. It did worry me at how trusting these ducks are, it's the same feeling I get with homeless dogs. I know they are trusting because they want food or attention, but not all humans are nice so of course it pulls at my feels. Houston's graffiti is the best on the East side so we took advantage and took lots of pics. 

After the ride, E and I hit up the Mexican joint we love for some much needed ritas. It's always a must after bike rides! After grubbing it was time for a shower. It's crazy how much crap we had on our legs, arms and face when we were done with our ride. We played some more Borderlands and then passed out hard.

This Weekend Snapshots and pretty much all of them this year are hosted by Jessica and I and we'd love it if you joined us by linking up your weekend snapshots too!



  1. I was so excited to see your pics from our ride!!! So. Much. Fun! And I'm so glad that fishing pier didn't collapse out from under us. I love all the things ya'll are doing with HLB - that event looks awesome!

  2. As always super jealous!!! Great post, beautiful pictures. I am always happy to spend my Saturday's with you!! <3

  3. Dang, you and Jessica are two busy ladies!

    How did both your husbands do with TWO bloggers taking photos of everything, ha! My husband gets a little frustrated sometimes that I feel the need to "document" everything.


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