Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 10

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Austin Cake Ball! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Austin this weekend visiting my very good friend Jessica! It wasn't something we had been planning but it worked out really well since E had to take a Business class to accompany his new Master Plumber license. 

Saturday- E left early Friday morning for his class and stayed the night at Jessica's. I didn't get there until the afternoon on Saturday. A lot of it had to do with getting a really slow start to my Saturday morning due to feeling super congested. I expected to be coughing up a lung by today, but thankfully I'm still fighting the "start" of a cold. I haven't been sick in about a year and a half and I'm really hoping that if I do get a full on cold, it won't be too bad. I'm taking random meds though so there's that.

On my way to Austin, I sent Jess a text and asked if we could go to In-N-Out burger when I arrived. I love to eat but when I feel sick/congested, I'm definitely a lot hungrier and this trip was a perfect excuse to inhale a double patty. Which is a new thing for me because my go to is a regular hamburger with animal style fries. My stomach wasn't playing though and the double patty burger had no chance of survival. Come to find out it was Jessica's first visit and since her burger was almost all gone, I'd say she enjoyed it as well! After lunch, we went on a thrifting adventure. A thrifting adventure that ended with nothing in our hands. It was such a disappointment, but I blame myself for not doing my research. You can't just go to a new city and expect to hit gold when it comes to thrifting. So, my bad. I'll do better next time. See that eraser of a chili dog? Yeah, that was probably the best thing we saw LMAO!

After the thrifting fail, E finished up his class and we met him at Moontown Saloon which is this awesome outdoor-ish bar where you can bring your dogs. I immediately started missing my turds which then turned into me wanting to squeeze on every dog I saw. Don't worry, I didn't haha! This bar is owned by a friend of Jessica's and the whole set up is amazing. There are two food trucks, lots of random games like Volleyball & Cornhole, plus so many places to sit. And, there was a live band that sounded super legit! I don't go anywhere without my FYHA koozie so of course I made sure to pull it out for my beer! There's a black & white picture of the three of us that I added to my snapshots because of how funny my teeth look, plus Jess has a genuine laugh going on haha!

Sunday- E went to his class super early and Jessica made me breakfast. She is the best freaking house host ever! We grubbed, got ready and headed over to the Domain which reminded me a lot of City Centre here in Houston. Lots of stores and restaurants with apartments above them. She popped my MAC cherry and bought me some red lipstick. Yes, RED! She mentioned that every female should own a red lipstick so I thought why not, right? No, I didn't take any pictures of it BUT I did receive a few compliments from strangers which totally made me nervous LOL Something else that received a lot of attention was my FYHA shirt. Once again, Shankasaurus reppin' her city! The FYHA shirt I was wearing was the nickname shirt which is my all time favorite. We weren't hungry, but we wanted something sweet and dessert like so we hit up the directory for sweets and found Austin Cake Ball. Neither of us were familiar with the place, but we loved the atmosphere! We ordered six cake balls and grabbed a seat at the bar for mimosas from the restaurant also inside the Austin Cake Ball store called Copper Restaurant. Our mimosas were amazing and just $10 for a tableside bottle of champagne and three artisan juices of our choice. We picked strawberry basil, blueberry lemonade and my favorite honey watermelon. Needless to say, we were feeling mighty good afterwards. We hit up H&M and bought some goodies and on the way back to her house we went. By the time we arrived at her house, E had already made it back to Houston and was probably in his jammies watching TV.

My drive home was as easy as it usually is.. until I get close to Houston and it's like all the idiots come out of the woodwork LMAO! The only bad thing was my sunglasses broke but it wasn't that big a deal because the sun was behind me. Enter super sad face here The last picture doesn't show how pretty the sunset was but you get the idea!

This Weekend Snapshot and pretty much all of them this year are hosted by Jessica and I and we'd love it if you joined us by linking up your weekend snapshots too!



  1. OMG your weekend looks so tasty and delicious! LOL... I want cake now! Also, what a badass beer cooler/sleeve whatever you calls it thing, love it!

  2. My husband introduced me to In and Out. I love it. Whenever we are near one, that's the spot we pick. Austin is a beautiful city we love visit. It is such a close drive. We like to visit and explore different areas when we go. Might need to check this cake ball place next time we are there ;) So sad about your glasses. My favorite pair broke last Summer and I have not been able to find another pair that fits quite the same. Glad you made it home safely.

  3. Awwww looks like you had a great great weekend, so relaxing and filled with yumma food!!! That rear-view mirror picture, LOVE IT!!

  4. Cake and alcohol? YES PLEASE.

  5. What a great weekend! I've only had In-N-Out Burger when I visited LA years ago, but I remember being mighty impressed. Your Jessica is right, every woman needs red lipstick. Needs it! Those mimosas sound like heaven!


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