Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Paper Files 6 | Fries & Giveaway Winner

Today's The Paper Files is brought to you by fries before guys because fries. I was at H&M with Jessica on my little trip to Austin earlier this month and fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it. Jess was in the fitting room and I was checking out some superhero underwear when I saw this bag. It was one of those moments where I thought to myself that it didn't matter how much it was because I needed it in my life. My purse needed it in its life. I can't remember how much it was but I do remember it being cheap. I bought some socks, too, and now I'm wondering if the bag was cheap or if I'm just cheap 😂 

The Paper Files March giveaway with my paper head friend, Connie, has come to an end and we have a winner! Muchos thanks to Connie & Camila for joining me in this giveaway and mucho thanks to everyone who entered and shared! Please come back next month when I team up with my friend Yoyo for April's The Paper Files giveaway!


Email has been sent, hope to hear from you soon!

If you'd like to partner up with me and do a homie paper giveaway, please shoot me an email at ariana@3twentysix.com or hit me up on any of my social networks!

There is no giveaway for the things below. Thought I'd mention that in case anyone gets mixed up!

ONE |  I'm not currently using the Fries before Guys bag because I'm really loving my camera zipper bag (affiliate) but I'm sure I'll pimp it soon. I wasn't able to find the bag on H&M's website but I did find this fantastical pin at ban.do and I just found this pin while getting the link for the first pin 😍 I love this bag because it's unique, large enough for a cute little planner & a few other things, and it fits perfectly in any of my purses. Oh, and then there's that thing about fries coming before guys because duh! that's how it's supposed to be.

TWO | 7-day scheduler planner from Poketo. Poketo is one of those sites that I stalk weekly because of the unique goodies they sell. You can get paper goodies, bags, living room decor, books, socks and much more. The prices aren't the cheapest, but creativity isn't cheap! The doodles on this scheduler are what made me purchase it. I like the idea of a simple & basic layout for planners and this is definitely as basic as can be. 

THREE | I bought this cute macaron lip balm at Marshalls. I knew it needed to be in my life because of me newly found semi-obsession with macarons. I blame Bre for this. I couldn't find the exact one online but Amazon has some that are similar here (affiliate). I put my lips right on the balm to get it on. I know I'm supposed to stick my finger in it but that's not how I roll. I know this will be a problem once it starts running low, but we'll deal with that when it happens!

FOUR | This Candyass perfume was made by Heather from Hiya Tootsie! Heather says..
As much as I love flowers, I don’t want to freakin’ smell like one. I want something as unique as I am. Candy Ass is for when you’re feeling a little edgy, a little sexy, and a whole lot rock & roll. It’s a quick wink and slow strut of rich milk chocolate with notes of thick, fresh cream and smooth butter, cool minty peppermint leaves, and rich, creamy vanilla cupcakes with hints of rum and buttery icing. This is the aroma of badassery, sugar, and it’s all yours.
And she has a fantastical point with the flowery mention. I pre-ordered so when it arrived I almost lost my shit. You know I'm all about shopping small business so this wasn't something I needed to consider before purchasing. I was so intrigued on the combo of smells and I was totally not disappointed when it arrived. TBH, I thought I had lost it because it went missing for a while. Found it a few days ago in a purse I switched out from. Whew! I love that it's a different smell. I love that it smells like chocolate because I freaking love chocolate. I also love the compact nature of it and the roll on. Makes it simple to put a little on my wrists or anywhere else. This particular bottle is $27 with a sample size costing $7 for those who wanna give it a try.

FIVE | I'm not into pink. It's not one of my favorite colors. It's actually waaaaaay at the bottom of the color list. But I thought I'd mention the pen in these pictures. It's a Pentel R.S.V.P medium in pink. I bought this pack (affiliate) a while back and really like them because they don't smear. The comfort grip is pretty basic but it's overall one of my favorite pens. Not the pink, but the pens themselves!

Thanks for stopping by today and remember that you can click any of the images to enlarge them!

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