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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farouk Systems & Lopez Marketing. All opinions are my own.

Farouk Systems, Inc. factory tour? Yeah, that's right! I was part of a group of fabulous ladies who were given the opportunity to visit the Farouk Systems, Inc. factory! What's crazier is how close it is to home. I had no idea it was on the North side of Houston near Bush Intercontinental airport at 880 E Richey Road/77073. The fabulous ladies I had the pleasure of attending with were the Houston Latina Bloggers & the folks at Lopez Marketing.

When I think of CHI® ™, I think about the BioSilk®™ silk therapy serum that I used as a kid. When I told my mom about this tour, she immediately asked me if it was the place where they make las gotitas para el pelo. See when I was a kid, that's what we called it. It translates to little drops for your hair. I've always had straight hair with a bit of waves here and there so these gotitas were important for my pelo. I mean, I live in Houston where it's hot and humid the majority of the year. You might know CHI® ™ by their super famous straight iron but this is just one product and the rest are just as amazing!

The ladies and I were given a tour of the factory where all the products are made and stored and we also got a chance to see the production line which was so impressive. Not only is this facility equipped to produce amazing, eco-friendly products but it's almost fully staffed by Latinos with approximately 2,000 employees. That definitely blew us away. I think it's cause we are so used to buying products and not really following through on their background. This got me thinking, if we knew a bit more about the backgrounds of certain products, would we still use them? 

After our facility tour, we sat down for a presentation on a few current products and all of the new ones to come. I for one am waiting patiently for two of the new products because I know my pelo will love me for it. The ladies who did the presentation gave us some Farouk Systems, Inc. goodies and even though I'm not big on dry shampoo and conditioner, I most definitely used them a few times since our tour. Oh, and the Tea Tree Oil will love me for it. The ladies who did the presentation gave us some Farouk Systems, Inc. goodies and even though I'm not big on dry shampoo and conditioner, I most definitely have used them a few times. Oh, and the Tea Tree Oil traveling kit we got with the scalp massager has done wonders for me and I am deeply in love with the aroma it leaves in my hair.

After our tour we sat down with Basim Farouk, CEO & son of Farouk Shami, to eat lunch and chit chat about the wonderful things that Farouk Systems, Inc. does for not only our Houston community but nationwide. He told us about the Lone Star College next door that helps those who are majoring in a Cosmetology degree receive their associates degree as well. He told us about the $1 million donation in CHI® ™ and BioSilk®™ products to salon owners devastated by the destructive forces of Hurricane Sandy. The impression we got from talking with Basim is that although he is in charge of a huge company known all over the world, he's a down to earth guy who didn't just take over his dad's company but went to school first so that he'd know the ins and outs of a company this size. 

I leave you with a few things I learned while on the tour, speaking to Basim & some I researched later. Also, stick around after the text for pictures of the facility and HLB!

  • Farouk Shami's hair-styling career almost came to a halt after he learned that he was allergic to the ammonia in hair dyes. But that spurred him to invent the world's first ammonia-free hair dye, which launched his business career.
  • He started a hair care and spa products company, Farouk Systems, in 1986.
  • Shami was born December 15, 1942, in a small farming village, Beit Ur al-Tahta, which is between Jerusalem and Ramallah.
  • It took Shami 25 job interviews before the first salon would hire him as a hairdresser
  • Shami developed the line of BioSilk products and the popular CHI flat iron.
  • Shami says that more than half of the senior-level positions in his company are filled by women.
  • Farouk Systems, Inc. did not renew their contract with Miss Universe after Trump made those unacceptable comments about Latinos
  • Basim earned his Bachelor of Science as well as a Masters of Human Resource Management from Houston Baptist University and is the founder of Beauty Elite Group.
  • In 1990 Basim Shami joined Farouk Systems.
  • Last year, Basim signed actress and singer Zendaya to be the Brand Ambassador for the CHI® ™ haircare line.
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Thanks to Farouk Systems, Inc and their employees, Basim Farouk for meeting with us, and Lopez Marketing for this awesome experience!

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