Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 9

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the Finnashit. As the baby of the family, he truly does what he wants. Not without consequences, though. I mean, the other day I caught him eating my hamburger pencil case and I almost beat his ass. Don't worry, the pencil case survived! He knows when he's gone too far though because he rushes to his crate with the I didn't do it face. Smart little shit.

Saturday- I picked up my Mac from being serviced. I swear it felt like it took foreverrrr but it was really only 5 days. I'm still trying to get it right since the HD was replaced. Thank goodness for warranty. The rest of the day was dedicated to errands and house chores because I'm required to be a responsible adult and shit.

I bought this deck of cards, Affirmators! by Suzi Barratt, a while back from Paper Source and haven't really used it. Why did I buy it, you ask? Because paper, duh! And because it's cute as hell! The drawings and the text are pretty on point with how I would describe some of the words. I like the idea of pulling one out once or twice a day to help bring some peace to my crazy mind.

Sunday- Woke up early to pick up the blogger bestie, Connie, to go to our second HLB Mentorship meeting. We hit up a taqueria for some amazing breakfast tacos.. because food! The HLB Mentorship program is something we set up for new bloggers. It's a great way to mingle and learn with some fantastical ladies! This meeting was held at Val's work and they hooked us up with pizza. #winning We also had Lisa join us to discuss custom domains and such. Lisa is a fountain of knowledge & she's so freaking nice!! HLB hasn't been around that long but we're already a great group of ladies who not only work hard (day jobs & blog jobs) but are also great at working together. Can't wait to see what else is in store for this fantastical group of ladies!

After the HLB meeting, I accompanied Connie to NRG to work on the Houston Rodeo Carnival tickets. Connie's a hardcore Rodeo volunteer and has been doing this for the last 8 years. I seriously admire her hustle. Not just at work, but on all of her side hustles.. and momma duties. She worked her ass off to reach her goal and received a belt buckle for all of her hard work! After dropping Connie off at home, I went to Petsmart to buy the kiddos some grub and saw some CHI goodies that I had to take a picture of. After Petsmart, I hit up Target for some goodies and, of course, the dollar spot. More on that later. 

As you can see, I've been using a fisheye lens. I bought a set from Amazon (different than the one I gifted at my workshop) and totally regret it. But, I still have the magnetic fisheye lens I ordered from Photojojo years ago. So I used the clip from the new one for the Photojojo lens. I don't use the magnet circle for this lens because I don't like having to remove my case to use the lens. With the clip, I can remove the lens from the front or back of my phone with no problems. Really need to invest in a better system, though.

Two more things..

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  1. You were busy, woman! I remember our dog chewing up everything all the time. Just like the kids, got keep an eye on them, lol.

  2. lol! Love the picture of me with my legs crossed. haha. I love this series!

  3. <3 love the tribe! and the pack :) awesome weekend!

  4. Whenever my pets are being pests I try to remind them that their main purpose is to relieve stress and be fun ;)

  5. I'm so behind on commenting (bad blogger, bad blogger, lol). I love that lense - I bought a set of cheap lenses for my iPhone from Groupon or something and they were totally janky and didn't fit well. I think I need to give them another try, but there was always a really bad shadow in all of my pictures. That food looks amazing!!! Damn this diet - damn it!!!


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