Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 7

Today's Weekend Snapshots features E reppin' FYHA (cause we love small business) while on our bike ride Saturday afternoon! Just so you know, 20% of each of these shirts is donated to the Center for Hearing and Speech! E's bike crew got a new parking area so they celebrated with a tasty BBQ on Saturday. I wasn't invited to the ride because it's a trail ride and neither of my bikes can handle it. But my husband was smart enough to invite me to eat haha! After the mingling, the two of us went on our own ride through the trails but on a paved sidewalk. This was the first ride I've done with my new-to-me bike that we purchased a few months back.

Let's go back to Friday, though. You know that I typically don't add Fridays in my Weekend Snapshots but that's not the case with this week. You'll be happy to know that I met Bre from Brewrites at City Center on Friday and we hit up the Paper Source for the #ThePaperFiles February giveaway!!!!!! February's theme is photography because the homie giveaway is with a photographer., duh! Oh yeah, did you know Bre is a photographer and she has spots available? Yeah, go ahead and check her photography site Eighty Two Photography. Bre also took me to a store called Sweets that I've walked by a ton of times, but never knew it was there. The store is full of SWEETS, duh! She was kind enough to treat me to four delicious macarons & I made the mistake of not eating them right away. I say I made the mistake because E ate the Nutella one so now I have to go back for it. I mean, Bre told me it would be life changing so I felt I needed to come to terms with that before I ate these. She wasn't lying, y'all! I mean, the three I did get to eat.. Strawberry, S'mores and Cookies N' Cream were freaking LEGIT! I've told her multiple times that we must go back for a paper and sweets date asap, hopefully, my eagerness didn't freak her out haha!

Saturday we went bike riding and E surprised me with the FYHA stickers on both sides of my bike. Pretty proud of that, if you haven't already noticed! When he bought me the bike I wasn't all that excitamated cause it's red and red has never been my color, but I'm slowly growing into loving it. While on our bike ride we came across what seemed like a semi-abandoned cemetery. I say semi-abandoned because there weren't too my headstones and some were broken -sadface- The area wasn't very secure either so I'm sure badass kids sneak in there and disrespect the poor folks resting. We did go in though and we made sure to not step where we thought the bodies might be. Respect, yanno! I wanted to know how old the headstones were and we were both shocked to see 1800 and 1900's on headstones. Looked like most of them were last name Woods or Williams. Made me pretty sad to see that no one had showed them love in a long time. This is also another reason why I'd rather be cremated than buried.. but let's move on to happier things, shall we?

When E told me to bring my camera, I didn't think he meant an actual camera so of course I brought my cell and a film camera. (Yeah, I'm thinking of starting a film series. More on that later.. like maybe next week LOL!) So with my phone and my film camera, I took pictures of my boo going up and down crazy trails. By this time, I was getting hungry and you probably understand my frustration when hungry so I won't explain LOL! After the bike ride, we hit up our fav Mexican joint. Don't mind the bird my husband through in there, haha!

Sunday was Valentine's day and we spent the morning sleeping and I hit up our CPA to do our taxes. Yeah, I know. Who does their taxes on Valentine's... ME! It's the only day he had available before he went on vacation and I wasn't ready to wait for him to come back. I want my monies!! Before I went to get our taxes done we planned to eat at Bernie's Burger Bus at their recently new location in Katy, but it was packed so we hit up Zoe's Kitchen instead. The day was BEAUTIFUL so of course I snuck in a panoramic picture of the beautiful sky! I also made a little graphic for Valentine's Day for those who don't have a SO. Valentine's Day is really about spreading love and joy, not just for couples yanno.

Best gift I've ever received for Valentine's Day? A glorious Nintendo from our younger days. I swear I almost tackled my husband when he gave it to me. We've been wanting one foreverrrrr and on his last trip to Austin for his MPL, he found one and hooked it up. We decided that Valentine's Day would be just for greeting cards with no gift because ten days later is our wedding anniversary. But he couldn't contain his excitement and I really don't blame him, haha!

So that was my weekend, how was yours? Will you be doing a weekend post? Link up with Jessica and I and add your link to the bottom so we can all mingle!


  1. Beautiful photos as always!
    Macarons (when done right) are the most amazing things! I get sad when I get a dud, it's so disappointing.

    1. Muchos thanks, Heather!
      I'm still new in the macaron world and I'm crossing my fingers I never get a dud cause that would totally ruin my day. :/

  2. Paper Dates are pretty much the coolest.
    I have a Instax but I want a film camera too. I'm trying to make myself by a Canon AE-1 on Ebay...
    yay for great weekend!!!

    1. Those cameras are beauties but I can't bring myself to pay over $60 for a film camera LOL! I have a few lomo cameras and a Canon EOS Rebel G that I call Granny LOL! Need to take that one out more. The one I used this weeked was a Holga that I got for Christmas years ago.

  3. I have never had a macaroon. I feel like I need to remedy that immediately (also, it's lunch time and I'm hungry).

    I love exploring old cemeteries! I remember one in my hometown that was right behind some new commercial development and tucked into a stand of trees. I think it was right behind a KFC - and it only had 10 or so plots.

    One of these weekends, we need to get together and ride bikes.


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