Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 6

Today's Weekend Snapshots features my new Texas earrings and my husband's Athena wedding band replacement #1 from James Avery, the jeweler not Uncle Phil y'all! I numbered it because I know my husband and expect there to be a lot of replacements. He almost made it two years with the first one.. here's hoping for another two years with the second one Haha!

I surprised E with a dinner on Friday at BJ's with some of his homies in celebration of passing his Master Plumber test. I'm a bit bummed I didn't take any pictures but it wasn't the best experience we've had at BJ's. None of us had actually been to this particular BJ's so when E and I arrived and saw our homies.. we definitely didn't expect the seating arrangements. The table was mad crowded and I was forced to sit on a chair at the end of a six person booth so that was awkward as hell, LOL! The service was definitely not BJ's material and we tried not to be dicks about it. I mean, we're never rude to our waiters unless it's completely obvious that they're being dicks. Thankfully, we had a lot to talk about and when the food finally arrived we were too busy stuffing our faces to bitch. This dinner is also where E realized he lost his ring. -shakes fist-

I'm doggy sitting for family members till the weekend so I made sure to go visit those kiddos Saturday. I played with them for a bit and then passed out on the couch. I felt like crap Saturday and was pretty sure it was a cold sneaking up on me. E went on his usual bike ride and then got called in to work. We ended up arriving at home around the same time and since I felt like crap, he hooked me up with my fav.. potstickers! We laid around the house the rest of the evening, kids included.

On Sunday, we went to Mama Carrizo's casa to hook up a gas fireplace she bought from Amazon and I tried taking selfies with the youngest kiddo, Chupis short for Sweety LOL, but she wasn't having it. Like my shirt? Its barely visible but as usual I'm repping my city. Visit FYHA for Houston attire!

After all that, we stopped at James Avery to pick up the new wedding band and I bought myself an early Valentine's Day gift. I shared these earrings on IG two weeks ago and love how cute and small they are. Still not sure what to do with the husband for Valentine's Day. We decided last year to do a simple card for Valentine's and then an actual gift for our wedding anniversary, ten days later. We shall see.

The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy as we watched the Broncos and Panthers take each other out. We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut that arrived 40 minutes early because we live right behind one, LOL! and we drank some tasty bourbon with coke! Muchos congratulations to the Broncos and Manning for winning Superbowl 50. E & I wanted the Broncos to win and it seemed like so did everyone else but then they'd say something like "Yeah, but the Panthers are going to take it." What a freaking surprise to see the Broncos playing so well and the look on Cam's face towards the end. What a disappointed guy. Welp, there's always next year. If you want more laughs, definitely look up the memes.

Also, big Congratulations to Gary Kubiak for not only winning Superbowl 50 but for also winning for the team he used to play for. Wish the Texans would have kept him cause we all know he wasn't the problem.

Hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. Which BJ's did you go to?? We usually go to the one in Willowbrook but went for the first time to the one in Katy and both have been great! Maybe it was just too full! Love your earrings! Congrats to your Hubby!!!

    1. I don't want to put anyone on blast, but it was the one by our casa LOL! The table next to us had amazing service! I've never had bad service at the Sugarland one :(

  2. That picture of the dogs on top of E is priceless!


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