Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 5

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Remidog's big nose. This is him sleeping on the floor next to me in one of our rooms while I play Destiny. I swear I can never be alone in my house. There's always a little pack following me. What's funny to me is that while I'm playing in one of the rooms, my husband is in the Living Room playing with me as well.. yet all the kiddos like to hang out with me. Not Leana Little though. She has to be in the same room as her daddy at all times. Spoiled hooker!

Saturday morning was like any other morning with the kid's face all in my grill. I think if he wasn't soo stinking cute that I'd probably have a fit. But how can I say no to that face, yanno? He does shit that he knows he's not supposed to do because he knows he's cute and momma will allow it. SMH. Saturday night was Artopia and the husband and I attended and met up with some HLB ladies.

Now y'all know I love art and I love supporting local artists even more. This is why we attended. I knew the art would be amazing.. the food, drinks and fashion show were just a bonus for us. What we didn't expect were the massive crowds. I honestly don't think we were able to see all of the art due to the amount of people there. BUT, the art we saw was amazing and definitely going to be a part of our home soon. We made sure to grab business cards from those we really liked or took pictures of the signs that had their info. Below are a few that we really liked. After the show we went to IHOP because I take the crepe life too seriously, haha!

Roofus & Kilo's calendar is a major piece in our Kitchen. We make sure to write in whatever plans we make and to cross out the days. Duh! So this is what January looked like for us. Not really much going on -shrugs- Sunday we did some homeowner errands at Home Depot and Best Buy. Saying stuff like this always reminds me of Frank the Tank in Old School (affiliate) when he's telling the pledges about maybe not having enough time to get his errands done. ROFL!! After the errands, we had an early dinner at our usual weekend spot. We sat at the bar and watched the ProBowl that is held in Hawaii. I didn't realize the ProBowl was on until after I got my drink. A Bahama Mama that was so strong, I had to water it down a bit. Laugh all you want.. but I'm not a drinker so alcohol sometimes is too damn strong for me. Plus, this was the first time I had this drink. It was tasty but the Malibu was massively overpowering. After dinner, we went home and worked our individual stuff until it was play time. The last snapshot is of Finnashit relaxing behind me while I played Destiny. What you can't see is Jay to the left of him snoring her head off and Chula to his right under some blankets, also snoring. In front of me is where Remidog was (top picture). And that's about all for this weekend!

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  1. love your doggies names! Finnashit, Roofus, Kilo, Chula, Destiny!xoxo Great post!

    1. Haha! My kiddos names are actually Jayla, Leana Little, Remidog, Chula and Finnashit. Roofus & Kilo are two kiddos from a different pack that we follow on IG. And Destiny is a PS4 game!

  2. I'm the opposite of you: i want to taste the alcohol in my drinks ;)

    I have the hardest time figuring out what kind of art I want on my walls while my husband has no problems with that. So we have a Disney wall and a Wrestling wall (his two passions) and no Heather wall. Eventually...

  3. Artopia looks like it was so awesome!!!

    And even though we run errands all the time, it feels all weird and adult-y. Like, when did THAT happen???


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