Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 4

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by some baby shower goodies! I've had all sorts of groups of friends.. I've got my high school friends that I grew up with, my husband's friends, my online homies and then, of course, my blogger friends. I'm sure you know what I mean and can probably relate. Friendships to me are a big deal. If we've been friends for a while (& even some newbies), you probably know that you can count on me to have your back in whatever you need and I hope to be able to count on your for the same. Friends to me are an extended version of my family and I treat them as such!

On Saturday, my friend Farah, who I've known since high school, had her first baby shower. Not only was it a special occasion cause we all got to see her and rub the belly but it was a special occasion cause she's an army wife and we don't get to see her as often as we'd like. So when we do see her we all go crazy and fill her with love. Duh! So Farah and her husband are having their first baby boy and we couldn't be happier for them. And of course we can't wait to meet this little dude! As mentioned above, my friends are an extended version of my family so this little boy will be like a nephew to me and I'm stoked! I hooked him up with all sorts of goodies from Target and even bought myself some goodies.

I can't visit Target without spending $50+ and buying shit I know I don't need. Yeah, you probably feel the same way huh? Haha! So I bought myself a sleeveless Tupac shirt and YES I wore it to the baby shower because Tupac has no boundaries AND because I know they jam 'Pac so the kid knows what's up haha!  I also bought some paper goodies that I'll be sharing later this week in #ThePaperFiles. Speaking of which, the giveaway is almost over so please make sure you sign up! 

The grub at the baby shower was freaking legit. I filled my plate up (most folks don't say anything to me cause I'm tiny and they always tell me I need to eat more) and didn't finish eating till after the last folks who served themselves did LOL! See, this is something you should know about me.. I'm a very slow eater which some folks say explains why I'm so small -shrugs- After grubbing, the selfie stick came out and we went in on it!

It was so nice to laugh and mingle with folks I haven't seen in a few years. What always makes me happy about situations like this is how you can be away from your friends for years and still feel like you haven't missed a beat. Some of these folks I talk to daily and others I really don't see or hear from until an event like this happens. I really hope these folks know how much they mean to me and that they can always count on me for whatever. Except babysitting.. unless food is involved haha!

Last shot is of my boys yesterday afternoon. They spend a lot of time outside during the weekend when the weather is nice, which it was, but when they act a fool with the leaf blower guy in the backyard behind our casa or Max the rottie in the backyard next to ours.. it's time to come inside. The only thing they do aside from fighting for the KONG, is stare out the window and bark at every single person/thing that goes by. Annoying if we're watching TV or if we're in another room. You basically hear "REMI" at the top of my lungs almost every ten minutes during the weekend, haha! I love that he's so vocal but dammit man.. let's chill out a bit!

..and that was my weekend! Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so please don't forget to join in by adding your link below. Not the link of your blog, but the link of the blog post. Make sure to check out the other links and show them some love!

For more pictures of this adorable baby shower, visit my Flickr here.



  1. Awwww, that shower looks like so much fun!!! I love getting to spend time with friends who aren't on a "regular rotation". And that food looks amazing. Makes me hungry!

  2. The baby shower looks like it was fun! I'm always so proud of myself when I only get what I meant to get at Target, so hard to do though!

  3. The shower looks like a blast! It's nice to have the guys around for the festivities to celebrate the new family member.

  4. You all look so happy! Happy you had a good time at the shower.

  5. It's wonderful that you have such a supportive and loving circle of friends from some many different areas of your life. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

  6. That looks like a really fun shower with delicious food. Friends are the best, aren't they? :)

  7. It looks like you guys had a GREAT time! I like to think of my friends as my extended family too. I mean I probably talk/spend more time with them than I do my cousins. I'm loving the Tupac shirt btw.

  8. Sounds like you had a really fun time! Your photos look great. Yum, that food! It makes me hungry! :)


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