Monday, January 18, 2016


I'm pretty sure Momma of Dos is going to want to beat me for this picture, but eh it's well worth it LOL! I'm sharing the third Weekend Snapshots of the year featuring the blogging bestie in mid sentence!

A week or two ago I shared a picture from @awriteordiechick's Instagram about winning a limited edition Passion Planner. If you're not familiar with the greatness that is Passion Planner, please visit them here and make sure you wipe your drool. When I shared it, in hopes of winning by number of likes, I had no clue it was the larger one at 8.5x11 so when it arrived I was a bit shocked. Shocked at how magical the big one was and how spectacular the blue looked in person. The pictures really do it no justice! I'm planning on using this one for a more elaborative planning since it has so much more room. Still holding it down with my Bando planner, though! Thanks to all the lovely folks that helped me win and to @awriteordiechick for the giveaway!

I woke up late Saturday, think noonish. I was up pretty late Friday night while I worked on my first workshop. Yes, I said first workshop! My #LatinaTribe has been throwing crazy support at me lately and they convinced me to do an Instagram workshop. K, so I use "convinced" loosely cause I was down to do it when we first discussed it. That doesn't mean I'm not nervous and super duper freaked out about it... but I'm mostly excited and ready to mingle with folks who want to learn what I know! I'll do a separate post on that later this week! So yes, I woke up late Saturday and got back to work on my workshop. Not before I ate breakfast though, because breakfast!

Sunday consisted of meeting up with my #LatinaTribe (Houston Latina Bloggers) and our first HLB Mentorship. The plan was to meet at Sweet Paris but if you're familiar with this place (City Centre), you know it is crazy packed on Sundays. We had no choice but to go to another restaurant. This bummed me out cause I was really looking forward to some dulce de leche crepes and Mimosas!!!!

We talked about a lot of things during our "brunch". This was the first time I'd met some of these ladies in person so that was definitely a plus for me. It was also nice to see how well we all clicked for folks who didn't know in each other in person. I mean, yeah we've chatted here and there online but it's nothing like being face to face. I really enjoyed how nice everyone was and how amazing this year is going to be for us all. Muchos thanks to Jihane and Connie for making this group possible. You two are pretty much my favorite folks! 

I took a picture of a building while we were inside of Hotel Sorella but I'm not really sure if it's a living space or a business building. Either way, this picture shows the calm before the storm. Yes, that means we were there early (10:30 AM) and the folks who come to play, eat and shop had not showed up yet. The selfie stick Bre gave me last year is still going strong and making selfies go hard, as you can see below. On our way out of the hotel, I saw this gorgeous black chair and gold table. I knew I couldn't be the only one who was in awe by it so I captured a snapshot for ya!

The last thing we did before we parted ways was hit up the Paper Source. As a Paper Lover (yes, I totally capitalized that), it can be very hard for me to go into stores likes this. Mostly because my bank and I end up really upset with each other. BUT, it seems like when I go in there determined to spend a decent amount on some fantastical goodies.. I end up buying like two or three things. When I go in there determined to buy a specific item and then walk the hell out.. I end up buying like eight things that I know I don't need. I mean, I don't need any of it.. but it's paper so I must have it in my life! I ended up finally buying the 52 list Project book (affiliate) that I've wanted before Christmas, a 10-pk of Valentine's Day cards and a sweet Valentine's Day stamp! More on this and a paper giveaway this week on #ThePaperFiles!

..and that was my weekend! Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so please don't forget to join in by adding your link below. Not the link of your blog, but the link of the blog post. Make sure to check out the other links and show them some love!

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  1. Love the pictures, no matter what I look like! LOL. Thank you to YOU for all your hard work on HLB social media! We appreciate you very much!!

    1. I love the pics we take when we're not expecting it. It always makes me laugh and reminds me of the fun we're having!

      Thank you for allowing me to be a part of HLB! 2016 is gonna be AH-MAZING!

  2. That Passion Planner looks so beautiful!!! I have such a love for planners and paper stuff. I've been actively avoiding going to the Paper Source because I might as well just open a vein if I go in there (never been, but I know myself around paper).

    I really need to take a cue from you and start using my selfie stick. Dennis got me one for Christmas and I've used it exactly once. I feel so self conscious when I go to break it out.

    Please make sure I know all the details about your Instagram class!!! I totally want to be there!!!!

  3. How fun to meet up with other bloggers! I haven't yet for a few reasons: one, most bloggers from this area are professional tech bloggers, and two: i'm a shy introvert and haven't really tried ;)

    dulce de leche crepes sound amazing, sorry you didn't get those. that would be a mega sad face kind of day for me.

    1. Tech bloggers in Silicon Valley? No way? LOL Maybe you can get some free shit! Look into finding FB groups in your area of bloggers. I'm a semi-introvert but I grab a hold of folks like my blogger bestie and somehow I open up and mingle haha!

      Dude, I'm STILL thinking about those crepes. It's a sad day in Gotham :(

  4. Yooooo. I looked at the planner online and it looks awesome and now I'm totally jealous.
    And omg omg a workshop?! Whaaaaaaaat?!

    1. I've come sooooooo close to buying it many times and just didn't. Figured if I won it with Brittany, it would be meant to be LOL!

      All excited for a PHOTOGRAPHY workshop when you're a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!!! HAHAHA! Hope to see you there, though :D


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