Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 2

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the birthday boy & his mama. My Finnashit turned 2 on Sunday so quality bed time with mom while dad went to work was a must. Finnashit is probably the most affectionate kid I have aside from Leana Little's hooker ways. He's the type of kid to snuggle his way inside your jacket just to be super close to you & possibly warm haha! He's definitely a good kid who enjoys the spoils of the rescued life and I'm so happy he's a part of our pack.

The weekend started with a Blogging 101 workshop held by my blogging bestie, Connie from Momma of Dos. This was her first workshop and I think she did an amazing job! I wasn't there to attend the class cause as you know I've been blogging since before it was called blogging on them Livejournal days -wink- I was there to lend my support and take pictures. Support, such an important word.. more on that later. It was nice to mingle with new ladies and help out with whatever I could. Making your brand unique and known isn't an easy task, but Connie can help ya get there. Muchos thanks to Alicia from the Thinking Girls Boutique for hosting these types of events at her beautiful boutique. It's quite unique with merchandise from all over the world. Shop small business, member?

So the little man turned 2 on Sunday and I took the best picture of him that describes him perfectly! Finnashit with shit on his face HAHA! He loves poop so freaking much and we've tried SO many things to get him to stop. Maybe it's a growing up type thang? Who knows but my little man is no longer a puppy so I'm hoping the shit thing is just a phase. Look at me, talking about shit and my son as if he was a human HAHA!!

I'm not very familiar with macarons..in fact, the first time I had one was last year when Angel from Crumble & Co. made some for the HLB event. They were amazing and the pictures I see on IG make me drool. Meaning.. I HAD to buy these frozen ones when I saw them at TJ's the other day. For frozen macarons, they are pretty legit. Vanilla won E and I over and I will be going back for more. Duh! Need to find a legit place to buy some non-frozen ones, though..

I did some grocery shopping this weekend.. not TJ's though (I know, I'm bummed too) and I handled some business on my PS4 playing Destiny with E. It's actually a lot of fun if you're not playing alone. Not that CodBlops isn't my number one game.. but it was entertaining :D

Jay continues to make us laugh with the different ways she sleeps. What's even funnier is how upset she gets when we try to move her so she's not hanging her head off the couch like this. I mean, we just want to help put her in a better position but she's just not having it. I'm not interested in pissing off an old lady of 63 years old, yanno haha!

The last one is a must for all pizza lovers out there! I dedicate this beautiful Roses are Red poem to you because I truly believe that pizza saves lives and if you're eating it, you have been saved.

Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so go ahead and add your posts link to the list and mingle with some of the other folks who've linked up! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Ha! I can't believe he has shit all over his face!!! Happy Birthday Finn!!

    I've never tried macaroons, but they look so good - I think there's a place on Buffalo Speedway at Westpark in the Kroger shopping center that sells only macaroons. I keep meaning to try it.

    1. The face is always the hardest to clean so I figure he does it on purpose, LOL!

      I want to visit a place that sells fresh macarons, but no one wants them as bad as I do! Help!

  2. Those trader joes macaroons are pretty legit, the vanilla are my favorite too, which works out perfect with my sister because she likes the chocolate. Macaroons can be a hit or miss, I hate when they are too dry.

    1. I'm not too experienced with them but for frozen macarons they were tasty. Must try more ASAP!


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