Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Paper Files | 2 - New Paper & Giveaway Winner

Remember when everyone was talking about adult coloring books? Yeah, well I didn't jump on the bandwagon because I wasn't too sure I could commit. Yes, I love paper but coloring images is a completely different obsession. One that has the potential of making my fingertips extremely sore. Yeah, I press entirely too hard when I color.. no shading type shit here! Haha!

You know the Target Dollar Spot at the front of the store that you only avoid if you're in a rush? Ah, who am I kidding. You can never be in a rush at Target. Target will make you slow your roll as soon as you walk in. It's like they spray something in the air that makes us slow down and look at everything and spend on shit we don't need. Some type of voodoo or something, haha! Well, the Target Dollar Spot got me again and I even had to reason with myself about some of the things I put back because it was obvious I had no use for it. SMH.

Before I go on, I'd like to thank everyone who signed up
I cannot wait for next month's paper giveaway so stay tuned!

The lucky winner is.... Carrie from Carrieloves.com!
Woohoo, congratulations!!

I bought the above coloring book to check out my skills before I went all out on the pricier ones. The Living Wonders Color Art for everyone (affiliate) book was $5 which isn't too bad. They had a few other books by the same folks but I picked this one because it had animals and such. Duh! Plus, it didn't seem as intricate as the others. I should have picked up some new colored pencils but I thought mine would be fine. I have some ol' school Crayola colored pencils from when I was in school many moons ago. For some reason, sharpening is crazy difficult.. not sure if it's the wood used in the pencils or what. And I even tried three different pencil sharpeners. I'm putting new ones on my wishlist now!

I couldn't pass up buying some more Valentine's Day cards. You can never have too many especially since if I don't use them all this year, I can keep them for next year! And just look at the cuteness of the fox and raccoon <3

I also picked up two notepads. The smaller one has a magnet on the back to be used on the fridge or even a magnet board in your office. Not sure if it will work on my bathroom mirror but that isn't a bad idea.. hmm. I picked this one over the other ones available because it mentions Friday and don't we all wish it was Friday like every single day? Haha! Not to mention it has a checklist type format so it could work for a to-do list or even a shopping list. 

The other notepad caught my attention because not only did it have a spot to put the date and the task but it also has a place to add the date the task was finished. This makes me much more aware of the things I have to do and when they must be done. Plus, at the end of the week, I can look at this and be proud of all that I accomplished. I mean, isn't that what To-Do lists are all about? That and actually getting shit done... which is exactly what I wrote in the front of the words To Get Done on the first page I'm working on, haha!

Look at this miserable colorful turtle I did, haha! Staying inside the lines is a lot harder than I remember, especially when your pencils aren't on point. Can you tell which is my favorite color pencil by looking at the pencils on the right?  

Have you been to the Target Dollar Spot lately?
How much did Target get you for in just that little section? LOL!

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  1. OMG, the Dollar Spot is so dangerous!!!! I just made my daily to-do list on a notepad from Target in fact. I almost got the same one in your post, but instead went with the one that broke the day down into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

    I also got several coloring books for Christmas but haven't had the chance to sit down and color a single thing yet. Maybe I should add that to my big ass to-do list!


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