Friday, January 22, 2016


Starting another fun series today from last year... #AriStumbles. Only this one is Finnashit's edition!

Here are a few of Finn's favorite things on the internet this week narrated by him!


My all time favorite toy - XL KONG! (affiliate) Go ahead and buy me one from
my momma's wishlist. I'd totally love you forever & even send you a pic with me chewing on it!

23 weird things dogs do that have no explanation. You don't need to know and after the things we've seen y'all do.. you really shouldn't judge us.

Aw, weddings! So beautiful! Doubt my parents would put a camera on my back or
my siblings. I think they know better, haha!

Did you know that in Nepal, dog's have their very own holiday? The holiday is called Tihar and dogs are worshiped on Kukur Tihar, the second day of Tihar, to appease Yama. Dogs are also honored for being faithful and loyal companions. <3

I haven't met Grrfeisty, but I imagine she's cool peoples cause she loves dogs just as much as my mom does. She wrote about 19 ways to spend more time with your dog. Go on, DO IT!

You have a nice room or bed, right? Well, we like those things too. Let this article inspire you to make something similar for your kiddos!

I'm not really sure what a shelter is or why it matters what breed us dogs are. I mean, we're all pretty damn awesome and sooooo loyal so why would someone not want us?

we love treats. What's the problem?

Stereotypes? What the hizzie is that? Dogs and tats go together like poop on my face.. Ok, so maybe not so much but both my parents have tats and even my oldest sister has a tat on her belly. Mom says it's cause she had some type of surgery & it was required. 

And one more because MWD (Military Working Dogs) are so badass & the fact that they serve for our great country is amazing! To send them a package while they are working overseas for our freedom, read this article! The Reed pack salutes these brave soldiers and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Have a fun weekend!
Don't forget to stop by Monday for my mom's Weekend Snapshots & the link-up you can join in on!

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