Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Paper Files | 2 - New Paper & Giveaway Winner

Remember when everyone was talking about adult coloring books? Yeah, well I didn't jump on the bandwagon because I wasn't too sure I could commit. Yes, I love paper but coloring images is a completely different obsession. One that has the potential of making my fingertips extremely sore. Yeah, I press entirely too hard when I color.. no shading type shit here! Haha!

You know the Target Dollar Spot at the front of the store that you only avoid if you're in a rush? Ah, who am I kidding. You can never be in a rush at Target. Target will make you slow your roll as soon as you walk in. It's like they spray something in the air that makes us slow down and look at everything and spend on shit we don't need. Some type of voodoo or something, haha! Well, the Target Dollar Spot got me again and I even had to reason with myself about some of the things I put back because it was obvious I had no use for it. SMH.

Before I go on, I'd like to thank everyone who signed up
I cannot wait for next month's paper giveaway so stay tuned!

The lucky winner is.... Carrie from Carrieloves.com!
Woohoo, congratulations!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 4

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by some baby shower goodies! I've had all sorts of groups of friends.. I've got my high school friends that I grew up with, my husband's friends, my online homies and then, of course, my blogger friends. I'm sure you know what I mean and can probably relate. Friendships to me are a big deal. If we've been friends for a while (& even some newbies), you probably know that you can count on me to have your back in whatever you need and I hope to be able to count on your for the same. Friends to me are an extended version of my family and I treat them as such!

On Saturday, my friend Farah, who I've known since high school, had her first baby shower. Not only was it a special occasion cause we all got to see her and rub the belly but it was a special occasion cause she's an army wife and we don't get to see her as often as we'd like. So when we do see her we all go crazy and fill her with love. Duh! So Farah and her husband are having their first baby boy and we couldn't be happier for them. And of course we can't wait to meet this little dude! As mentioned above, my friends are an extended version of my family so this little boy will be like a nephew to me and I'm stoked! I hooked him up with all sorts of goodies from Target and even bought myself some goodies.

I can't visit Target without spending $50+ and buying shit I know I don't need. Yeah, you probably feel the same way huh? Haha! So I bought myself a sleeveless Tupac shirt and YES I wore it to the baby shower because Tupac has no boundaries AND because I know they jam 'Pac so the kid knows what's up haha!  I also bought some paper goodies that I'll be sharing later this week in #ThePaperFiles. Speaking of which, the giveaway is almost over so please make sure you sign up! 

The grub at the baby shower was freaking legit. I filled my plate up (most folks don't say anything to me cause I'm tiny and they always tell me I need to eat more) and didn't finish eating till after the last folks who served themselves did LOL! See, this is something you should know about me.. I'm a very slow eater which some folks say explains why I'm so small -shrugs- After grubbing, the selfie stick came out and we went in on it!

It was so nice to laugh and mingle with folks I haven't seen in a few years. What always makes me happy about situations like this is how you can be away from your friends for years and still feel like you haven't missed a beat. Some of these folks I talk to daily and others I really don't see or hear from until an event like this happens. I really hope these folks know how much they mean to me and that they can always count on me for whatever. Except babysitting.. unless food is involved haha!

Last shot is of my boys yesterday afternoon. They spend a lot of time outside during the weekend when the weather is nice, which it was, but when they act a fool with the leaf blower guy in the backyard behind our casa or Max the rottie in the backyard next to ours.. it's time to come inside. The only thing they do aside from fighting for the KONG, is stare out the window and bark at every single person/thing that goes by. Annoying if we're watching TV or if we're in another room. You basically hear "REMI" at the top of my lungs almost every ten minutes during the weekend, haha! I love that he's so vocal but dammit man.. let's chill out a bit!

..and that was my weekend! Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so please don't forget to join in by adding your link below. Not the link of your blog, but the link of the blog post. Make sure to check out the other links and show them some love!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sponsored | Houston Press Artopia 01.30.16

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Houston Press is hosting the 8th Annual Artopia on Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 8PM–11PM at 2101 Winter Street. This is an event celebrating Houston's electrifying cultural scene and amazing art with food, music and fashion. Houston Press will be awarding local artists with monetary grants for services to the Arts and the community. The winners will be featured as the Cover Story on the Houston Press.

Live Performances: Catch Fever, Say Girl Say, Gio Chamba

Featured Artists: Fab D’aroma, Jim Hudek, Katherin Mason, Marco Torres, Nicole Gavin, Sergio Garcia Rill AND MUCH MORE!

Fashion Shows: ModChic | Pardon My Fash-Uhn | Samo Dinero I Chester Roberts. Models Provided by: Neal Hamil Agency

Complimentary Food Provided by: BB’s Café, Cumbia Coffee, Pollo Tropical, dgn Factory, KUU, The Tipsy Dessert Bar, Harvest Organic Grille, Cajun Shop, Eculent and MORE!

Watch last years video recap below.

Visit their site here and after buying your tickets on ticketfly.com visit their Facebook Event invite and share with your friends. This event is a sensory overload and you definitely don't want to miss a chance at mingling with local artists and other Houstonians. 

GA goes like this:  Ticket include food, wine & beer & cocktail sampling plus great entertainment. Jumper Maybach VIP Admission: Ticket includes entry into the event, complimentary valet, access to the VIP Lounge with seating and private bar, food sampling, as well as access to all general admission areas and entertainment. Presented by Jumper Maybach.

Houston Press Artopia 2016 to you by one of my favorites, Stella Artois <3 This also means that all guests must be 21+, with a valid ID. Come on, you know the rules!

I'll most definitely be there celebrating my cities fantastical cultural scene! Say hi if you go and don't forget to use the special hashtag so we can all see your pictures #ArtopiaHOU

Friday, January 22, 2016


Starting another fun series today from last year... #AriStumbles. Only this one is Finnashit's edition!

Here are a few of Finn's favorite things on the internet this week narrated by him!


My all time favorite toy - XL KONG! (affiliate) Go ahead and buy me one from
my momma's wishlist. I'd totally love you forever & even send you a pic with me chewing on it!

23 weird things dogs do that have no explanation. You don't need to know and after the things we've seen y'all do.. you really shouldn't judge us.

Aw, weddings! So beautiful! Doubt my parents would put a camera on my back or
my siblings. I think they know better, haha!

Did you know that in Nepal, dog's have their very own holiday? The holiday is called Tihar and dogs are worshiped on Kukur Tihar, the second day of Tihar, to appease Yama. Dogs are also honored for being faithful and loyal companions. <3

I haven't met Grrfeisty, but I imagine she's cool peoples cause she loves dogs just as much as my mom does. She wrote about 19 ways to spend more time with your dog. Go on, DO IT!

You have a nice room or bed, right? Well, we like those things too. Let this article inspire you to make something similar for your kiddos!

I'm not really sure what a shelter is or why it matters what breed us dogs are. I mean, we're all pretty damn awesome and sooooo loyal so why would someone not want us?

we love treats. What's the problem?

Stereotypes? What the hizzie is that? Dogs and tats go together like poop on my face.. Ok, so maybe not so much but both my parents have tats and even my oldest sister has a tat on her belly. Mom says it's cause she had some type of surgery & it was required. 

And one more because MWD (Military Working Dogs) are so badass & the fact that they serve for our great country is amazing! To send them a package while they are working overseas for our freedom, read this article! The Reed pack salutes these brave soldiers and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Have a fun weekend!
Don't forget to stop by Monday for my mom's Weekend Snapshots & the link-up you can join in on!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Paper Files | 1

I'm excitamated to bring y'all my first The Paper Files series of the year. I'm also excitamated about this new idea that I'm sure the paper lover crazies will be happy with too. I've decided to do one paper goodie giveaway a month because paper is amazing & why not? This month I'll be doing it alone, but hopefully in the next few months I'll be hosting the giveaway with my paper loving homies. Yes, it's already in the works so definitely stay tuned and if you're interested in joining in, please let me know so we can make paper loving magic together! 

As paper lovers, you already know this will be a heavy picture post so don't be alarmed! 

As you know, I have tons and tons of journals that have never been used but get opened frequently so that I can smell the marvelous paper haha! I don't want to say there aren't enough paper stores in Houston because there are (but we could always use more) but I'm obsessed with the Paper Source. Houston only has two locations and the closest store to me is kind of a pain to get to. It all comes down to parking and it truly is crap at City Centre. The parking garages are too far and as a smoker.. It's a real sacrifice for me to walk my no oxygen ass to almost the opposite side of where I parked. But you know what? My love for paper is so intense that I do it without complaining. K, so maybe I complain a little but still. The last time I was in City Centre with the Houston Latina Bloggers, I took the opportunity to visit Paper Source with Momma of Dos since we were already walking around. It took a bit of convincing because Momma of Dos is also a paper lover and she knows how hard it is to contain yourself in a paper store but she took it like a champ and found some fantastical goodies in the clearance section. Sidenote: Paper Source has a 30% OFF sale on all calendars which include planners so defitinely hit them up online or a local store!

Monday, January 18, 2016


I'm pretty sure Momma of Dos is going to want to beat me for this picture, but eh it's well worth it LOL! I'm sharing the third Weekend Snapshots of the year featuring the blogging bestie in mid sentence!

A week or two ago I shared a picture from @awriteordiechick's Instagram about winning a limited edition Passion Planner. If you're not familiar with the greatness that is Passion Planner, please visit them here and make sure you wipe your drool. When I shared it, in hopes of winning by number of likes, I had no clue it was the larger one at 8.5x11 so when it arrived I was a bit shocked. Shocked at how magical the big one was and how spectacular the blue looked in person. The pictures really do it no justice! I'm planning on using this one for a more elaborative planning since it has so much more room. Still holding it down with my Bando planner, though! Thanks to all the lovely folks that helped me win and to @awriteordiechick for the giveaway!

I woke up late Saturday, think noonish. I was up pretty late Friday night while I worked on my first workshop. Yes, I said first workshop! My #LatinaTribe has been throwing crazy support at me lately and they convinced me to do an Instagram workshop. K, so I use "convinced" loosely cause I was down to do it when we first discussed it. That doesn't mean I'm not nervous and super duper freaked out about it... but I'm mostly excited and ready to mingle with folks who want to learn what I know! I'll do a separate post on that later this week! So yes, I woke up late Saturday and got back to work on my workshop. Not before I ate breakfast though, because breakfast!

Sunday consisted of meeting up with my #LatinaTribe (Houston Latina Bloggers) and our first HLB Mentorship. The plan was to meet at Sweet Paris but if you're familiar with this place (City Centre), you know it is crazy packed on Sundays. We had no choice but to go to another restaurant. This bummed me out cause I was really looking forward to some dulce de leche crepes and Mimosas!!!!

We talked about a lot of things during our "brunch". This was the first time I'd met some of these ladies in person so that was definitely a plus for me. It was also nice to see how well we all clicked for folks who didn't know in each other in person. I mean, yeah we've chatted here and there online but it's nothing like being face to face. I really enjoyed how nice everyone was and how amazing this year is going to be for us all. Muchos thanks to Jihane and Connie for making this group possible. You two are pretty much my favorite folks! 

I took a picture of a building while we were inside of Hotel Sorella but I'm not really sure if it's a living space or a business building. Either way, this picture shows the calm before the storm. Yes, that means we were there early (10:30 AM) and the folks who come to play, eat and shop had not showed up yet. The selfie stick Bre gave me last year is still going strong and making selfies go hard, as you can see below. On our way out of the hotel, I saw this gorgeous black chair and gold table. I knew I couldn't be the only one who was in awe by it so I captured a snapshot for ya!

The last thing we did before we parted ways was hit up the Paper Source. As a Paper Lover (yes, I totally capitalized that), it can be very hard for me to go into stores likes this. Mostly because my bank and I end up really upset with each other. BUT, it seems like when I go in there determined to spend a decent amount on some fantastical goodies.. I end up buying like two or three things. When I go in there determined to buy a specific item and then walk the hell out.. I end up buying like eight things that I know I don't need. I mean, I don't need any of it.. but it's paper so I must have it in my life! I ended up finally buying the 52 list Project book (affiliate) that I've wanted before Christmas, a 10-pk of Valentine's Day cards and a sweet Valentine's Day stamp! More on this and a paper giveaway this week on #ThePaperFiles!

..and that was my weekend! Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so please don't forget to join in by adding your link below. Not the link of your blog, but the link of the blog post. Make sure to check out the other links and show them some love!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 2

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the birthday boy & his mama. My Finnashit turned 2 on Sunday so quality bed time with mom while dad went to work was a must. Finnashit is probably the most affectionate kid I have aside from Leana Little's hooker ways. He's the type of kid to snuggle his way inside your jacket just to be super close to you & possibly warm haha! He's definitely a good kid who enjoys the spoils of the rescued life and I'm so happy he's a part of our pack.

The weekend started with a Blogging 101 workshop held by my blogging bestie, Connie from Momma of Dos. This was her first workshop and I think she did an amazing job! I wasn't there to attend the class cause as you know I've been blogging since before it was called blogging on them Livejournal days -wink- I was there to lend my support and take pictures. Support, such an important word.. more on that later. It was nice to mingle with new ladies and help out with whatever I could. Making your brand unique and known isn't an easy task, but Connie can help ya get there. Muchos thanks to Alicia from the Thinking Girls Boutique for hosting these types of events at her beautiful boutique. It's quite unique with merchandise from all over the world. Shop small business, member?

So the little man turned 2 on Sunday and I took the best picture of him that describes him perfectly! Finnashit with shit on his face HAHA! He loves poop so freaking much and we've tried SO many things to get him to stop. Maybe it's a growing up type thang? Who knows but my little man is no longer a puppy so I'm hoping the shit thing is just a phase. Look at me, talking about shit and my son as if he was a human HAHA!!

I'm not very familiar with macarons..in fact, the first time I had one was last year when Angel from Crumble & Co. made some for the HLB event. They were amazing and the pictures I see on IG make me drool. Meaning.. I HAD to buy these frozen ones when I saw them at TJ's the other day. For frozen macarons, they are pretty legit. Vanilla won E and I over and I will be going back for more. Duh! Need to find a legit place to buy some non-frozen ones, though..

I did some grocery shopping this weekend.. not TJ's though (I know, I'm bummed too) and I handled some business on my PS4 playing Destiny with E. It's actually a lot of fun if you're not playing alone. Not that CodBlops isn't my number one game.. but it was entertaining :D

Jay continues to make us laugh with the different ways she sleeps. What's even funnier is how upset she gets when we try to move her so she's not hanging her head off the couch like this. I mean, we just want to help put her in a better position but she's just not having it. I'm not interested in pissing off an old lady of 63 years old, yanno haha!

The last one is a must for all pizza lovers out there! I dedicate this beautiful Roses are Red poem to you because I truly believe that pizza saves lives and if you're eating it, you have been saved.

Jessica and I are still doing the Weekend Snapshots link up so go ahead and add your posts link to the list and mingle with some of the other folks who've linked up! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 things to get rid of | 2016

Now y'all know I love paper and there's no way I could throw something away as beautiful as my Houstonia collection. I mean, it's Houston on paper. Need I say more? So I have a lot of random things in my casa that I can't get rid of because feelings but I did do some removal of crap on the first weekend of 2016. I went through a lot of drawers and closets removing things I know we no longer need or want. I ended up with two trash bags, a bag & box for Goodwill, and a box of things that can be sold. All of a sudden the office closet was a walkthrough again, haha! Here's a list of things you should be getting rid of in el Año Nuevo to help you open up spaces in your life.

  1. Oldass makeup because you don't want to end up with some weird fungi growing on the brushes you're using on your face. Eek! Plus, this means you can buy new goodies!!
  2. Magazines, but not the ones you really love! I'm talking about those oldass Martha Stewart magazines that you told yourself you'd look at later for a recipe or a DIY and they've just been collecting dust. Maybe don't throw away those nice (but old) car magazines or the Popular Science/Photography ones. Those you can definitely keep.
  3. Negativity. You don't need it. No one does. So get rid of it already. That person that tells you that you don't need any more chocolate in your life. You don't need that type of negativity. How about that person who never applauds you for doing something amazing? Yeah, get rid of them too!
  4. Books. I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that books don't really get you paid like that. If you're not going to keep them, give them away to a friend/family member or find a place to donate them to.
  5. Shoes. The stories those oldass shoes would tell if they could speak. Put them down. As in, put them out of their misery and throw them away. Unless they can be donated! Same thing goes for your clothes. Don't keep holey shirts or shorts cause you'll end up looking like Kanye and nobody wants that.
  6. Underwear and socks. I already spoke about holey stuff above so I guess I could say stretchy here. Get rid of the socks that never stay on right and ladies get rid of those oldass bras that do nada for your girls. Fellas, same goes for your stretchy underwear.
  7. Kitchen shit. When we moved into Casa de Reed, there was one big Kitchen drawer the previous owners forgot to empty.It was full of wooden and plastic spoons, brand new spatulas, whisks, tongs and such. We threw away what looked like it should have been thrown away years ago. Picked what we wanted to keep and put the rest in a Goodwill box. Might be time for you to do the same.
  8. Junk drawer or desk drawer. We've always had a junk drawer in our Kitchen. It's where loose screws, pens, chip bag clips go, matches, markers/pens, screwdriver and some other random crap go. This drawer needs to be cleaned out at least once a year. There's nothing like needing a pen and getting one from the junk drawer and it not working. Ugh! I cleaned out my desk junk drawer too and now have tons of room for more paper goodies haha!
  9. Random mail. Any envelope that you've kept only because you needed to remember the address. I normally tear out the address and put it on my corkboard so that I don't forget it. It's called laziness because I could easily just put it into my phone. Now's the time to do that.
  10. Last one, unsubscribe from those crazy emails clogging up your inbox. I have a few emails accounts I manage and keeping up with all the news can be tough on me. I'm one of those people who don't like those little notifications on my phone for text, emails or phone calls. I have most of my apps notifications turned off cause I'm OCD about it. A little over a year ago, I met Unroll.me and we've been homies ever since. I hear there's an app for it so it's even easier to manage. Unroll.me helps you unsubscribe with a click of a button and also helps you organize your incoming emails. You can select certain emails to go to your inbox and the rest to be added to a single email from Unroll.me. This helps keep your email count low and you can view all the other emails (stores, restaurants, etc) in a single email.
    That's it. Start removing crap from your life now so you don't have to worry about it later!

    Monday, January 4, 2016

    Weekend Snapshots | 1

    Happy New Year!
    I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday season and are ready to kick ass in the new year!

    It's only fitting to start the year with the very first Weekend Snapshots. For those of you who are new, this is how it works. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, you probably do too. It's the reason why my actual cameras don't get as much love as they used too sadface So I figured that in order to not spam my friends/followers on various social networks, I would post my weekend photos (which is when I take most of my pictures) every Monday on my blog. I usually post 6 or 7 pictures to keep the post light. At the beginning, the idea was to post the snapshots alone with no words. Wordless Wednesday style. But I enjoyed writing short details on each picture and sharing. So that's it. Pretty easy stuff and now you can join in by posting your Weekend Snapshots and linking up in the widget at the end of this post! Yeah, Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica and I teamed up to bring you this awesome Weekend Snapshots link-up! Spread the word!!

    I started my year with a new planner that I've been holding onto since the freakin' Summer. Yes, I bought my 17-month planner from bando in June which is now sold out!! I posted about it here and even mentioned waiting out till the new year. I shall pat myself on the back for buying it early and for not giving into the temptation of using it. I finished 2015 in the Kate Spade planner and now I'm freakin' stoked to get started in this new colorful and fun planner.

    I visited Trader Joe's for the first time in months. Gasp! I know, I'm pretty bummed about it, too. The one thing you can always count on Casa de Reed having is cookie butter and we've really been slippin' on our game. The good news is that I stocked us up, bought some more delicious goodies (like the apple juice <3) and spent $70. Gasp! I know, another shocker since I could never get out of there without passing $100. Hmm, sort of like Target..

    We went to a surprise birthday party for E's BFF's dad, Vinny from Muscle Cars of Texas.. Yeah, I shared the link which means you should go ahead and 'like' their page :) We celebrated it by doing what Italians love to do best, eat Italian food! Aside from starting a new planner, Casa de Reed has a new calendar reppin' for a fantastic misfit pack we love to support! Roofus & Kilo.. and Penny, and Moo, and Bella and Lucky. We have three important dates on the calendar already.. Finnashit's 2nd birthday on the 10th, Chula's 13th birthday on the 11th, and E's Master Plumber test on the 27th. Eek! Lots of big dates for our familia this month.

    So apparently there is such thing as a Cookie Butter CHEESE-FREAKIN'-CAKE at Trader Joe's and nobody told me!!! If you're wondering, I didn't buy it. I had more errands to run that day and there was no way I'd let a Cookie Butter Cheesecake suffer in my car. But I will be back for some!! Weekends seem to be the time my pack likes to show their ass.. as in, act spoiled and do what they want. This is how Finnashit ends up on the bed all in my grill as I'm sleeping. The kisses aren't too bad when you're not expecting them. What's bad is that cold, wet nose in your eye socket or in your ear. Those will not only wake me up, but it's a guarantee someone is going to feel my wrath. Ok, not someone but my pillow will definitely get it. Sunday breakfast consisted of some delicious Cookie Butter and these almond croissants that I must go back for immediately. The flavor of these two together with a little bit of philly cheese.. to freakin' die for!!

    Last shot is of the Finnashit and I in bed Sunday morning. He really is a spoiled brat, but he's definitely entertaining. He likes to throw himself on you and wiggle around in hopes that you'll get fed up and get up. Again, this doesn't bother me.. it's the nose that will get me up and I think the little turd has figured it out!