Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 51

Today I'm sharing the last Weekend Snapshots of the year. This has been the only series I've kept up with during the year and although I'm a bit bummed that I didn't continue my Project Life.. I'm happy I kept up with this series. I was in awe at the table above, but the price made me walk away FAST! I mean, not that work wasn't put into it but I certaintly wasn't interested in paying for it. I took a picture to show E so he can make one. HA! I got jokes!!

So the holiday weekend flew by but I had a great time and Sandy Claws totally hooked me up. This makes me think I must have been good this year.. which then makes me think I must have been super bad last year, hmm. Glad he acknowledged me this year.. maybe I'll be good next year too!

Sandy Claws (sister) hooked me up with a bigger monitor for my Mac. On my last Weekend Snapshots I told you about my itty bitty monitor and some desk changes. Welp, I guess Sandy Claws noticed and didn't want my poor eyes struggling anymore. No complaints here. Sister also hooked me up with a sweet ass Houston Texans beanie (affiliate)! Mama Carrizo hooked me up with some much needed houseshoes since Finnashit likes to destroy them. E found one my new ones under the bed yesterday so I'm cautious where I leave them now. As if the turd didn't have enough toys to chew on SMH!

One of the sweetest gifts I got was a Whataburger bag full of Whataburger goodies. I mean, I am freaking LOVED, y'all! I made sure to use the Whataburger pancake mix this weekend and ahh, it was glorious!! Speaking of being loved.. are you familiar with Roofus and Kilo? Roofus and Kilo are part of a bigger pack of dogs that have a loving mama who rescues puppies with a local rescue in Oregon. They recently came out with a calendar for 2016 where all the proceeds would go to fixing their land up for new rescues. $16 for a calendar full of adorable pups is the way to go! I bought two and sent one to my friend Jessica in Austin for Christmas. I mean, who wouldn't want to help this pack and the future pups? Mine is hung up and I can't wait to start the new year with a cute face!

Sandy Claws (husband) hooked me up with the Back to the Future trilogy on Bluray and some PS4 games (& some other goodies) so I basically watched the entire trilogy during the weekend in my Wonder Woman jammies from last years Christmas <3 Yes, I watch TV with subtitles and I'll give you two valid reasons why. 1) My pack likes to bark and play fight and the noises can be a bit too loud so instead of rewinding, I just read. 2) As I've gotten older, I've had a hard time hearing.. or maybe it's not hearing but the words I hear don't always compute properly in my head (HAHA!). I guess its cause I have so much crap in there that it becomes hard for me to focus. E isn't a big fan but he's definitely gotten used to it.

On Saturday, E and I went to dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a bit. E's brother is in town and so we took advantage and made sure we all met up. Food and alcohol are always a common denominator so of course we went with BJ's Brewhouse. E and I have rotated two picture frames on the various fireplaces we've had for as long as I can remember. It's either been the fantastical Dexter Morgan or Che Guevara (both affiliates & not the exact image), but I recently told him we needed to change it up with something new and Texan like! Who knew that on my shopping adventure with Mama Carrizo and my sister yesterday, I'd find the perfect art for our fireplace! Thank you mucho Tracy Miller for your colorful and fantastical art that brings me mucho happiness! Once the Christmas deco goes away, I'll have to figure out what to do with all that empty space. Pinterest to the rescue, haha! 

Lastly, you'll see a snapshot of the little boy Finnashit. This was last night while I played CODBLOPS 3 (affiliate) with my husband and a friend. It's pretty exhausting to watch your Mama play video games, yanno?

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. You have all the fun! So sweet of your sister!! And, whataburger date soon. Also that table is amazing.

  2. Watching someone else play video games is always exhausting!!! Happy New Year :D


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