Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 50

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 50 featuring what I woke up to Saturday morning... Finn's butt! The mister cleared himself for an early Saturday bike ride so I guess Finn thought it would be cool to take his spot on the bed. Thankfully, the kid wasn't gassy.

We did the usual weekend stop at our favorite Mexican joint. We sat at the bar and watched the Rockets game which was pretty legit since we were the only ones there. I went with the usual enchiladas verdes and E did some fancy shit as he occasionally does. I did some thrifting before all of this, see what had happened was... Last Saturday when I thought it was my last thrift of the year.. I saw an Ikea MALM 3-drawer dresser and told Mama Carrizo this past Friday. Apparently, I missed the memo that said she needed it in her life. See, Ikea no longer sells this color and she's been on the search for one to match the others in her bedroom. She made it a point to text me late Friday night to remind me to go hit up the Goodwill in hopes that it would still be there. Annnnndd she also text me early Saturday morning to remind me to go early LOL! Lucky for her, the dresser wasn't purchased which surprised the hell out of me. After inspecting it a bit more I noticed there was something missing but it could be easily fixed or ignored (which is what I would have done) so it wasn't a bad deal.

Another win of this run was a glass patio table I found at a very reasonable price. Patio chairs and maybe an umbrella are next. I found some cute Christmas decorations and two sweet monitor riser thangs (affiliate) that I couldn't pass up on. I'm not ashamed to admit I currently have a 21" monitor on two dictionaries. No, wait, it's a dictionary and a thesaurus. I love books but I haven't opened either of those in years.. guess now I can go ahead and donate them. To cover the books I used some scrap paper and folded it over the books. Wasn't the best looking set up, but it worked for me. See below for the black & white version as the before and the color version as the now!!

Yesterday I met up with some blogger homies for a Friendsmas! We each bought a gift and then we picked names while we chit chatted and brunched it up. It's such a cool feeling to connect with folks online and then build a long, lasting relationship with them in real life. Quite a few of my good friends now are people I met online and clicked with. Then theres the really good friends that I've known for a really long time online that I've actually never met. Some folks say I'm crazy.. but it's these online homies that keep me sane.. or maybe they convince me that I am sane? Haha! I ordered the house eggs benedict and drank OJ as if I didn't know it would give me heartburn half an hour later Sigh. 

We swapped gifts and took our pictures as we talked about our personal lives and how our Christmas shopping was coming along. It wasn't until Jihane mentioned it that I noticed something in the pictures I took. Three out of five of us had written our names and ended it with a smiley face. How funny that the three of them are Aries ladies, me included! What are the odds of that? Or is it something in our sign that makes us want to smile or make others smile? Enter dramatic music here.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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