Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 49

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 49, brought to you by my silly husband E. We went to his company luah themed Christmas party. I'm not sure who picks these themes, but it's definitely entertaining. E did not arrive this way. He arrived nicely dressed as you'll see in the pics below but when we found out there wasn't much competition.. we stepped our luah game up! More on this later..

HLB is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a fun picture challenge. We've had a great turn out with some really creative photos. I'm normally no good at these type of challenges cause I either forget or I can't figure out how to work that specific day's prompt. But I'm doing great this year with three photos posted on my Instagram. Since we started this on the weekend, I included two of my pictures on this post. One is my fav Starbucks drink with a Christmas lights necklace that Mama Carrizo hooked me up with and the second is of the top part of our tree. Follow @houstonlatinabloggers or our hashtags #hlblove #hlbnetwork for more pics and join in on the fun!

So like I said above, we went to the Christmas party looking all nice & spiffy! I put on makeup AND heels. Gasp!! I wore heels cause my new pants were too long. I mean, I could have gone ol' school and stapled them, but I'm an adult now yanno! So on to the competition. There were some folks who had Hawaiian shirts on or beach attire, but no one dressed as legit as my husband. Winner would get a Destiny PS4 so that was a major motivator. We used a table hula skirt (wrapped around him a few times) and a lot of Leis. E folded up his pants to reveal Deadpool socks (best part) and we used a tank top from the gift store. It all came together so fast!! A coconut bra would have completely sold the outfit but we're not that creative LOL!

There was a Proud Wife moment when the PS4 was handed to him. And even prouder when he walked over and gave it to me. LOL!!!!! So yes ladies and gentlemen, I am the proud owner of a white PS4 at the expense of a few laughs and a few dollars thrown at my husband. For the record.. I did not buckle the PS4 in Fancy's back seat.. I save that for my true love. Whataburger!

Last snapshot is of a quote I thought was spot on for how we all live our lives. We should start appreciating everything that is put in our path because it's all done for a reason. You cannot grow without these experiences. Appreciate everything and everyone.

Last year's Christmas party shenanigans can be found here and the year before that can be found here.



  1. LOVE IT! Haha the play station buckled in! Great idea. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures for the challenge!!

  2. That's awesome your hubby won! Congrats and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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