Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weekend 47 but really 48

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 48 (but really 47), brought to you by my crazy eyes and a purple Christmas tree that I put on my head. Not exactly sure where the idea to put it on my head came from.. but it was probably cause I was bored and ready to go. 

Before I continue I wanted to speak about being MIA last week. The day after Thanksgiving, Mama Carrizo was rushed to the hospital by my sister. If you've followed me for a while (or know me IRL), you'll know that Mama Carrizo is my mama & my BFF. Waking up to a call letting me know she is being rushed to the hospital was a feeling I've never had in my life. The good news is she was released late the next day and she's going to be just fine. Whew! That same day, E hurt himself pretty bad riding his bike on some trails near our home. Thankfully, he's recovered nicely and will be fine as well. So I guess you could say I was kind of out of it last week with too many things rushing my mind. But I'm good now!

Back in November, 8th Wonder brewery held a tribute to the late DJ Screw and I missed it. Completely bummed me out but I was able to purchase a piece of that event. Donkee Boy made an art piece that allowed folks to screw in a screw. The piece was so nice that they even had beer glasses with the design on it. I would have purchased a few of those had I gone to the event, but I heard they sold out fast. DJ Screw fans are legit! I ended up purchasing a shirt with the art piece that Donkee Boy created and it's fantastical! I wore it for the first time Saturday and even did an OOTD. Yeah, who would have thought that Shankasaurus would ever do an OOTD, haha! I'd offer the link so you could buy your own shirt, but they are also sold out! But he has other shirts and paintings for sale that you might be interested in so definitely hit him up here!

I went Christmas tree shopping with Mama Carrizo and my sister Saturday at what we thought was Garden Ridge, but it's now called At Home. I really need to give my sister a nickname so it's not just 'sister', haha! My sister and I act silly most of the time to try to embarrass Mama Carrizo, but the things we do rarely affect her. If anything, she starts laughing hysterically and then we get a bit embarrassed, LOL! My sister finally found something with her first initial. Her name is Gaby and she's always bummed that mom and I are able to find things with the letter A and S. Now ask me if she bought it... nope! Then again, I don't think I would have bought it either. In the fourth picture down of my sister and I, you can see Mama Carrizo mean muggin' cause that's what she does best LOL! She was probably trying to figure out wth we were doing LOL! 

We hit IHOP after our Christmas adventure because food. We usually eat dinner late in our family and when we're out and about it can get a bit difficult to find fulfilling food. We typically end up at Chili's or something similar, but the taste buds weren't having any of that Saturday night. I mentioned breakfast and my sister cosigned so off to IHOP we went.

Sunday was part of a tradition that E and I have every Christmas season. We visit our local Hallmark store and pick two new ornaments for our tree. Last year we cheated and bought three because it was most necessary. This year E had a difficult time picking between Wall-E and Top Gun. Stay tuned this week for a post announcing the one we got. Funny how when I opened my Timehop that day it showed us doing the same thing last year. Guess we coincided with the dates without realizing it. Definitely putting it on my calendar for next year so we continue to go around the same date. Something that made us giggle pretty hard was the Darth Vader toaster we saw at Hallmark. We're not big Star Wars fans or otherwise we would have bought it. We seriously are big kids and have tons of toys and silly books all over our house. If we were ever to have kids, we'd have some serious cleaning up to do in the sense of putting our valuable toys out of the reach of sticky itty bitty hands, haha!

Hope you had a good weekend & Monday! 


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