Thursday, December 17, 2015

End of the year Thrift Finds

Today I'm sharing some of the goodies I found thrifting last weekend. It's been quite a while for me and I'm pretty bummed about it. There aren't as many sweet thrift stores where I live or maybe I haven't been paying attention -shrugs- I was supposed to shop for some things at Target on Saturday but decided to go with Amazon when I remembered the craziness that the holidays bring to retail. I can't handle stores during regular days, there was no way I could handle it during Christmas. Folks are down right rude and greedy during Christmas. SMH.

Instead of hitting up Target with the crazies, I hit up the Goodwill in hopes that it wouldn't be packed and I was right! I can't remember the last time I shopped for clothes at a thrift store. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I physically shopped for clothes period, haha! I'm a huge online shopper so unless it's gifted, chances are I'm buying my clothes online... think Vinted and small businesses in Houston.

Since I'm not looking at clothes/shoes/purses, I spend most of my time looking at home decor stuff. Tall glasses and picture frames are what I'm mostly looking for. I don't drink coffee and we barely have mugs at home, but I couldn't pass up on the Coca-Cola bear from '96. Especially since it was 25 cents! I remember loving the commercials and thinking the bears were so freaking cute! Mugs also work for hot cocoa which E loves!

I came across four Mickey Mouse glasses and after doing some online research, I found out they were sold at McDonald's back in 2000. No clue how much they were selling for but I got four for $2. The price was right so in my basket they went! Peter Pan glass was also added to my basket because it reminded me of how much fun we had at the Peter Pan show we went to in September and because Tink is a badass! 50 cents and in my basket it went!

The last thing I found and had to have was a cupcake picture holder. Mostly because it reminded me of one of the ladies in my squad, Marilla from CupcakeRehab.com. But also because cupcakes are cute and it was in good shape. For $2.50, it also went into my basket!

What I didn't buy but had to share, haha!


  1. I like going to the 50% off nearly everything in the Salvation army store close to where I live.

    1. I haven't been to the Salvation Army in a while but I always scored good things there, too!


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