Thursday, December 10, 2015

Casa de Reed | Christmas 2015

Today I'm sharing the new ornaments at Casa de Reed for Christmas this year. E and I have a deal every year where we go to our nearest Hallmark and buy one ornament each. It's never an easy task, but it's fun & reminds us of when we were little and could only get one toy. Last year we failed and bought three, but they were so worth it. Our Christmas booties are from Kohl's. We couldn't have just two of them, we had to include the dog pack. Even Fancy has one! Mama Carrizo and I tried finding an F for Finn and they either never made them or they sold out entirely too fast so Finn got a dog print on his! Oh, and do you recognize the bear on the far right? It's an ol' school Coca-Cola bear with his windbreaker jacket and shades, Haha!!I

We usually put up the tree and a few Sandy Claws around the Living Room & Kitchen. We rarely do any holiday decorating in our rooms. This is our second Christmas at Casa de Reed and due to E's recent bike accident, we most likely won't be putting any lights outside. Although, I did see a badass blow up dog with lights at Home Depot the other day... but shelling out tons of cash for a "decoration" definitely isn't in my budget. I much rather use my money for gifts and food!!

So this year I went Christmas tree shopping with Mama Carrizo and my sister at At Home (previously known as Garden Ridge) and bought a few ornaments. The fantastical aroma in this store when I walk in brings back childhood memories of Mama Carrizo and I shopping for random holidays. It definitely put a big smile on my face! We went off to look for a tree and I ran into some gold lettered ornaments. Our tree is decorated with a gold ribbon (no picture, sorry) and blue balls (admit it, you giggled) so I thought these letters would be great. I bought an E and an A and really wanted an R, but no luck. I found a lonely Family Guy box and when I turned it over I saw Peter! Naked while holding a box. Idk if it's related to the SNL skit with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg "D*ck in a box" but it was too damn funny to pass up.

At Trudy's Hallmark, our closest Hallmark, I went with a Batman from the itty bittys collection because Batman! I almost bought the Keepsake Batman, but this one was too cute to pass up. He's itty bitty and shiny, literally fits in the palm of my hand! E had a difficult time figuring out which one he wanted. The options were the Top Gun Keepsake Ornament and the Wall-E Keepsake Ornament. Had we pulled the adult card, we would have bought both but we were trying to stick to our tradition. After trying to work on this crucial adult decision, E picked Wall-E. And I'm so glad he did, Wall-E is such a cutie and he even has the little plant with him!

The presets on the pictures below are all over the place, but see what had happened was... LOL! I signed up for Adobe CC and playing with the presets has been mucho fun! If you use Lightroom Presets, which are your favorite? I'm slightly obsessed with it right now and going to look into learning how to use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Wish me luck!


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  1. Your tree looks awesome! I'm so blah about Christmas right now that I only just put lights on our tree that we've had since the beginning of the month! Get it together, Brogan!

    Wall-E is just too cute!


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