Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 46

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 46, brought to you by Finnashit. This is a shot of him staring out of our bedroom window. I've tried multiple times to take a picture of him while he peeks out the window but he's too fast for me. I made the snapshot B&W for two reasons, one cause I love B&W and two because it allows the focus to go straight to the middle where his crazy ears are. Haha!

This weekend was another lazy one for the Reed pack. I'm pretty sure I had my jammies on the entire weekend. Even when we took a trip to Whataburger yesterday. I have no shame, dammit! Whataburger wasn't going to judge me, especially since we hit the drive-thru LOL!

The first snapshot is of a filter that I used halfway on my phone camera. I'm a smoker and Camel made the plastic wrap on their box blue to use as a filter. Def not the best filter ever, but it was cool to mess around especially since my phone fit perfectly in the wrapper.

I told you we were hella lazy this weekend with E as the exception since he had to work a few hours both days. Second snapshot is of Jay sleeping on the couch pillow after she brought it down to the floor haha! She's old so I understand that she wasn't trying to get up on the couch. Bringing the pillow down so that she could lay comfortably deserves some serious props.. not really sure if she did it on purpose or if her brothers helped.

The next shot is of the little boy again. When he tears his stuffed toys, I make sure to get all the cotton and take it to Mama Carrizo so she can sew them back up. As usual, he likes to pose after a toy casuality. This was two days after Mama Carrizo had fixed his little stuffed mole. With the next shot being of him howling as he shows me how proud he is of the casuality LOL! More laziness in the next pic with Jay and Leana. And then a panoramic of the damage done to the poor stuffed mole.

Next up is my fav goodies from this months Lootcrate (affiliate). We've been members for over a year and we love it. Not that every box is legit, but sometimes the goodies are pretty cool. Like the Shredder Shades and the Hunger Games Mockingjay pin (that I will never use). The shades will most definitely be used though. Last shot is of our Whataburger drive fries. E insisted on us getting a third order of fries for our drive home. Mostly because we eat them all on the drive and don't have any for when we eat the burger. We definitely have our priorities right, right? Haha!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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