Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 43

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 43, brought to you by E and me on Halloween. We don't have kids to go trick-or-treating with and we didn't attend any Halloween Costume parties this month so we really had no plans to do anything for Halloween night. At the last minute, E decided we should post up in our driveway and hand out candy. I'm pretty sure he used the kids as an excuse to get mucho candy. And name brand candy at that.

Our plans were to ride Critical Mass Friday night, but the weather said it would rain and it would be crappy. Guess we should have known better, because NOTHING happened. We didn't attend and then proceeded to whine and bitch about all of the people posting pictures of the ride. Which means I almost made it an entire month riding on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday were rainy and windy so that definitely didn't allow us to ride.

Last Tuesday, HEB tweeted me about my Dia de los Muertos make up from our last bike ride. They asked me to DM them my address for a surprise package. I had no idea they'd hook me up with so much Dia de los Muertos swag from their store. Bowls, plates, cups, dishes and bags with sugar skulls & beautiful bright colors! We ended up using the big bowls for the Halloween candy! Thank you again for the fantastical package HEB!

Since we didn't have costumes, we decided we'd make something out of what we had. I put on black pants, black shirt with Jack Skellington on it and my Jack hat. E put on a yellow t-shirt and the Pikachu hat we got from Lootcrate recently. We high fived & went outside enthusiastically for trick-or-treaters. We waited about half an hour for kids to storm our candy bowls. We got so bored waiting that we started eating the candy haha! We finally started seeing kids in groups and got really excited. It wasn't until they got close that we started to get a bit sad. There were tons of kids that had no costumes on or even a plastic pumpkin for candy. Back in my kiddo days, we had to have a costume or you wouldn't get candy. It taught us to follow the rules in order to enjoy the happies at the end. We also had the plastic pumpkin (or something similar) or a pillowcase for our candy. None of this plastic grocery bag crap these kiddos had. I was very sad for our youth and also pretty disappointed in the parents who chose not to walk with their kids but to have them get out of the car every time there was a house giving away candy.

The first of the month (November) started off a little weird for me. My internal alarm clock woke me up at what I thought was 9:30 AM when it was actually 8:30 AM. The boys were confused by the change as well and thought it would be best to stare at us until we got out of bed. I took my sleepy ass to Starbucks (my coworker has me hooked on the Salted Caramel Mocha Frapp with Soymilk) and then to the grocery story. It was gloomy and rainy so I didn't expect there to be a lot of folks at the store. Hallelujah for me, it was practically empty.

My ban.do planner has been patiently waiting its turn since August. But I'm not giving in. I will finish off my Kate Spade planner like I said I would... even though it's not easy. Two more months and on to the new ban.do I go. Last two snapshots are of the little boy, Finnashit. When it's wet and windy outside, we all sleep. A lot! I took quite a few of him last night, but these two were my favorites. I love how scruffy he is even though E and my mom keep telling me that he needs to go to the groomer for a trim. What if they trim and he never looks the same again? What if my Swiffer Duster kid never looks like a Swiffer Duster again? I'm not sure I could handle it.. so until I grow some huevos.. my kid will continue to be scruffy and funny looking! Deal with it!


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