Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 46

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 46, brought to you by Finnashit. This is a shot of him staring out of our bedroom window. I've tried multiple times to take a picture of him while he peeks out the window but he's too fast for me. I made the snapshot B&W for two reasons, one cause I love B&W and two because it allows the focus to go straight to the middle where his crazy ears are. Haha!

This weekend was another lazy one for the Reed pack. I'm pretty sure I had my jammies on the entire weekend. Even when we took a trip to Whataburger yesterday. I have no shame, dammit! Whataburger wasn't going to judge me, especially since we hit the drive-thru LOL!

The first snapshot is of a filter that I used halfway on my phone camera. I'm a smoker and Camel made the plastic wrap on their box blue to use as a filter. Def not the best filter ever, but it was cool to mess around especially since my phone fit perfectly in the wrapper.

I told you we were hella lazy this weekend with E as the exception since he had to work a few hours both days. Second snapshot is of Jay sleeping on the couch pillow after she brought it down to the floor haha! She's old so I understand that she wasn't trying to get up on the couch. Bringing the pillow down so that she could lay comfortably deserves some serious props.. not really sure if she did it on purpose or if her brothers helped.

The next shot is of the little boy again. When he tears his stuffed toys, I make sure to get all the cotton and take it to Mama Carrizo so she can sew them back up. As usual, he likes to pose after a toy casuality. This was two days after Mama Carrizo had fixed his little stuffed mole. With the next shot being of him howling as he shows me how proud he is of the casuality LOL! More laziness in the next pic with Jay and Leana. And then a panoramic of the damage done to the poor stuffed mole.

Next up is my fav goodies from this months Lootcrate (affiliate). We've been members for over a year and we love it. Not that every box is legit, but sometimes the goodies are pretty cool. Like the Shredder Shades and the Hunger Games Mockingjay pin (that I will never use). The shades will most definitely be used though. Last shot is of our Whataburger drive fries. E insisted on us getting a third order of fries for our drive home. Mostly because we eat them all on the drive and don't have any for when we eat the burger. We definitely have our priorities right, right? Haha!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sponsored | AT&T & Becky G Cover Contest

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
I recently had the chance to attend Becky G's AT&T appearance right here in Houston. I saw her on Empire as Valentina and holy smokes, she's the polar opposite! She's down to earth and silly with an incredible amount of talent. Did you know she can rap? Yes, she totally flowed for us. It was nice to see a young, female Latina doing big things & still keeping it real. She talked to us about how she was discovered on Youtube doing cover songs. I had no idea! I also had no idea that she'll be the Yellow Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers movie! I mean, she's doing all sorts of things!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 45

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 45, brought to you by my big kid Remidog! I swear these kids have no idea how blessed they are. Don't think we don't tell them, though. We make it a point to tell them they wouldn't survive a day out in the world without us. Truth be told, Houston has a massive homeless dog issue. A very small amount get picked up by a rescue or a concerned citizen, another small amount are picked up by shelter crews (Houston doesn't have no-kill shelters so if they aren't adopted, they are euthanized) and the rest are left to fend for themselves. It's ridicously heartbreaking, but this is what happens when folks aren't educated and don't understand the real responsibilities of being a pet owner. Enough of the sad shit.. My kids are blessed and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

I didn't leave my casa for much this weekend except the necessities like groceries and a new PS4 remote for yours truly. I like to do my grocery shopping early on the weekends so that I can beat the crowds but I messed up and went around 10 on a Saturday. The place was PACKED! I don't like shopping with so many folks around plus they take all the goodies I want!! My favorite part of grocery shopping besides the free food samples ha! is the organic section. My attention to detail is on one-hunnid, the colors and organizing skills speak to my obsessive soul.

Saturday night we hit up our fav Mexican joint down the street, which is where J.C. Chavez was staring me down. They have a HUGE canvas of him and my picture really did it no justice. They have another huge canvas of another guy but I can't member who it is. Another thing I did on Saturday was buy a second PS4 controller. We've had one since we bought the console last year and didn't really have a need for a second one. I bought a blue one (affiliate), of course, because that's how I roll. Thanks to the second controller, E & I got to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (affiliate) together Sunday night! We haven't played like that in what seems like years so that was definitely nice.

The breakfast graphic is something we can all agree on, I think. Then again, I could eat breakfast morning, noon and night and be super happy! Some lawn work and our traditional burgers at home were also part of our weekend. I swear I look forward to Sunday because of these burgers. We used KING's Hawaiian burger buns this time instead of potato burger buns and the change was definitely worth it. Our waffle fries would be nothing without the Fancy Whataburger Ketchup which you should purchase as soon as possible haha! Overall I'd say I had a great weekend with a little productivity and a lot of relaxing!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 44

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 44, brought to you by the Finnashit and bath time again. Out of all the kids, he's the one who loves bath time the most. He hops right in and makes sure to stay put until I've completely soaked him. Then he shakes and gets me and everything else in the bathroom wet. I've tried so many things to keep him from going crazy, but it's a game to him so ehh.. whatevs!

Some weeks back, I bought my first Milkyway case (not an affiliate) with a rainbow drinking Unicorn. Aside from a small corner of the art chipping due to falling a few times.. the case is in great shape. It's even protected Shanks! and that's a major deal to a blogger, yanno! I'm not one of those folks who has a case for every outfit. Mainly because my attire is pretty simple.. jeans, chucks & a tee. But recently Milkyway cases sent out a coupon for the purchase of one case. I couldn't say no so I bought the donut case because duh! It arrived Friday, one day short for the second national donut day :/

I had the pleasure of joining a few friends on Saturday for a Bush's Beans tostada party! I added a few of the pictures taken with my phone from the event, but I don't want to say too much because I'd like to do a separate post on it this week so stay tuned for that. The lunch was to talk about Bush's Beans, grub on the tasty beans and discuss easy tips on food photography.

Bloggers stay busy with all sorts of events and family activities so it's nice to see my blogger friends outside of conferences and such. When we first meet, we have no time to sit and actually discuss who we are.. so events like Pilar's get together are fun and exciting. If you haven't already been to Pilar's blog, check her out. Her food adventures are ridiculously good & will make you drool. 

E spent his weekend in class taking his Master Plumber's test prep. It's a sucky way to spend the weekend but it's completely worth it! If all works out (which it will, dammit) E will be a Master plumber by this time next year. This opens up ALL sorts of opportunities for him & we're both pretty excitamated about it!

Sunday felt like it came too soon. My last few weekends have felt a heck of a lot longer & it made me wish there was a pause button for Sunday. I made the SUNDAY graphic below while I was still in bed. #dontjudgeme Last shot is of Finnashit soaped up. I caught multiple blinking shots of him for some reason. Just so you know, our kids don't always get bathed on the same day. It's a pain in the ass to bathe 5 kids back to back so we switch it up and do the three little ones (including Finn) one day and then the two big kids the next. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 43

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 43, brought to you by E and me on Halloween. We don't have kids to go trick-or-treating with and we didn't attend any Halloween Costume parties this month so we really had no plans to do anything for Halloween night. At the last minute, E decided we should post up in our driveway and hand out candy. I'm pretty sure he used the kids as an excuse to get mucho candy. And name brand candy at that.

Our plans were to ride Critical Mass Friday night, but the weather said it would rain and it would be crappy. Guess we should have known better, because NOTHING happened. We didn't attend and then proceeded to whine and bitch about all of the people posting pictures of the ride. Which means I almost made it an entire month riding on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday were rainy and windy so that definitely didn't allow us to ride.

Last Tuesday, HEB tweeted me about my Dia de los Muertos make up from our last bike ride. They asked me to DM them my address for a surprise package. I had no idea they'd hook me up with so much Dia de los Muertos swag from their store. Bowls, plates, cups, dishes and bags with sugar skulls & beautiful bright colors! We ended up using the big bowls for the Halloween candy! Thank you again for the fantastical package HEB!

Since we didn't have costumes, we decided we'd make something out of what we had. I put on black pants, black shirt with Jack Skellington on it and my Jack hat. E put on a yellow t-shirt and the Pikachu hat we got from Lootcrate recently. We high fived & went outside enthusiastically for trick-or-treaters. We waited about half an hour for kids to storm our candy bowls. We got so bored waiting that we started eating the candy haha! We finally started seeing kids in groups and got really excited. It wasn't until they got close that we started to get a bit sad. There were tons of kids that had no costumes on or even a plastic pumpkin for candy. Back in my kiddo days, we had to have a costume or you wouldn't get candy. It taught us to follow the rules in order to enjoy the happies at the end. We also had the plastic pumpkin (or something similar) or a pillowcase for our candy. None of this plastic grocery bag crap these kiddos had. I was very sad for our youth and also pretty disappointed in the parents who chose not to walk with their kids but to have them get out of the car every time there was a house giving away candy.

The first of the month (November) started off a little weird for me. My internal alarm clock woke me up at what I thought was 9:30 AM when it was actually 8:30 AM. The boys were confused by the change as well and thought it would be best to stare at us until we got out of bed. I took my sleepy ass to Starbucks (my coworker has me hooked on the Salted Caramel Mocha Frapp with Soymilk) and then to the grocery story. It was gloomy and rainy so I didn't expect there to be a lot of folks at the store. Hallelujah for me, it was practically empty.

My ban.do planner has been patiently waiting its turn since August. But I'm not giving in. I will finish off my Kate Spade planner like I said I would... even though it's not easy. Two more months and on to the new ban.do I go. Last two snapshots are of the little boy, Finnashit. When it's wet and windy outside, we all sleep. A lot! I took quite a few of him last night, but these two were my favorites. I love how scruffy he is even though E and my mom keep telling me that he needs to go to the groomer for a trim. What if they trim and he never looks the same again? What if my Swiffer Duster kid never looks like a Swiffer Duster again? I'm not sure I could handle it.. so until I grow some huevos.. my kid will continue to be scruffy and funny looking! Deal with it!