Monday, October 5, 2015

Weeknd Snapshots | 39

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 39, brought to you by #SundayStreets and the lovely people of Houston! Our weather has been exceptional these last few days and this event fell on the perfect Sunday.

Mama Carrizo, the sister and I hung out Saturday. We did the usual selfies at our favorite store and then picked a place for dinner and berry drinks!! Sunday was a very "physical" day for me LOL! E woke up early and went for his 'hit a crapload of Houston bridges' ride which ended at the Sunday Streets event. Sunday Streets celebrates Houston streets by opening them up for people to walk, skate, dance, bike or any other physical activity. Pets are encouraged. I say pets because we saw tons of dogs, but we also saw a pig!

On this particular Sunday, Washington Ave was open between Westcott and the Heights (roughly). The event is done at different areas every time. Parking is always the issue in events like this because there is no parking! So after driving around for a good spot, I met E at a shaved ice truck. We enjoyed our sweet strawberry in the shade and then when on a search for the Houston BCycle tent. Paid $5 for the bike and off we went to enjoy the day and the cool Houston folks! 

Being on a bike after so long was a bit of a wake-up call. Keeping my balance on point was crucial and not having been on a bike in a while was sort of funny. It also reminded me of how much fun it can be and how amazing Houston's bike scene is.  We had a few drinks and chatted with new people. Petted tons of dogs (Heaven for me) and returned the bike. Late lunch with our friend J at Doc's Motorworks was delicious. I ordered the Pork Carnitas Taco and was soooo close on ordering seconds. I mean, the carnitas were perfect and the CORN tortillas!! Emphasis on the corn because most places serve flour and that's just not cool with pork carnitas.

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