Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 42

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 42, brought to you by bikes.. again! Yeah, I've been biking almost every weekend since Sunday Streets. My non-active ass has most definitely changed with this new hobby & I'm definitely not complaining. 

This weekend started off with a sweet Cemetery Gates ride through the East Side of Houston. E and I are not familiar with this side of our city so it was crucial that our iPhone batteries stayed on point. We've heard some not so very good things about the things that happen to cyclists on the East side so we were cautious. Thankfully, the ride went smoothly and we highly enjoyed ourselves. 

Everyone met at D&W and then rode out. E & I decided we would paint our faces a la Dia de los Muertos so we made sure to do our own faces in the truck before we met everyone at the bar. I've gotta say that for our first time painting our faces we didn't do so bad. Not that we weren't all busted looking but eh, we tried haha! I made sure to wear my new FYHA's shirt because duh! I love my city! (I also made it on their IG/FB, show some love & like the pic) One of E's friends was there so the three of us rode together most of the ride and at the half point we met with some more friends while we ate tacos from BoomBox Taco Truck and drank free Saint Arnold's beer. I would have taken pictures of both but see what had happened was... I was starving so pictures weren't going to happen!!

A rider went down while we were at the half point so E and I didn't finish the ride. We stayed and made sure the rider survived while paramedics rolled in. Thankfully, he will be just fine with a large amount of medical bills. A gofundme was started for him and I am amazed at how awesome the Houston bike community is. If you'd like to donate to help him out, please click here.

I woke up early to attend the Business Bestie Brunch in The Woodlands on Saturday. I was super excitamated to meet up with three of my blogger homies and meet so many inspiring women doing their thing! The brunch was delicious in SO many ways. From the mimosas to the delicious pancakes!! I'll have a recap of this event later this week!

Sunday was a pretty chill today at Casa de Reed. Mostly because of the rain, but also cause we pretty much ignored our house chores all week. Oops! We did make a run to Bicycle World for some parts for the new bike we bought. K, so it's not new but it's new for me. It will most likely replace the tank (beach cruiser) cause I need a much lighter bike to do all my crazy stunts! Yeah, I'm totally lying. I'm lucky I haven't fallen off -knocks on wood- Still looking for the perfect helmet since the one I've been using is E's old one and it really doesn't fit comfortably. I'd really like one like what the roller derby chicks wear but those aren't made for biking. The search continues..

My boys were awfully cuddly this weekend. Not sure what's going on but it's mostly Finnashit that looks for Remidog and puts his head on him. It's the cutest thing and it cracks me up since they fight over almost everything.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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