Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 40

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots 40, brought to you by my ass on a bike trying not to die, haha! The #SundayStreets shenanigans from last week made me get off my ass again this past weekend. I've had a sweet beach cruiser for a few years now, well, technically it was Mama Carrizo's but she never used it so it was handed over to me.

On Saturday, I met two of my blogger homies at the Thinking Girls Boutique to go over last minute goodies for our event on the 17th. Connie from Momma of Dos, Jihane from @Onixjihane and I will be hosting the first Houston Latina Bloggers Networking event. It's pretty exciting and nerve wrecking but the three of us are ready for this! 

Remidog did his usual window watching and then sat outside of the Kitchen with his siblings cause when we cook, no kids are allowed in the Kitchen. Except Jay cause she loves to lay on the cold tile and be in our way. I think she does it on purpose so that if we fall and have food in our hands, she wins! I wouldn't be surprised haha!

The grapes I bought the other day at Kroger are massive and I found out through my Instagram comments that apparently a lot of people got big grapes and they cannot lie. Also found out that #bluebowl has a crapload of pictures.. #sorandom.

So E & I went riding this weekend on some trail close to our casa. He made me wear a helmet that didn't fit right so getting a badass mohawk helmet is definitely in my future :) Pictures of my adventure needed to happen so that the world would believe that Shankasaurus was doing a form of exercise on a bike. See, my friends understand the depth of my laziness/mental fatness and they don't judge. BUT, if I told them I was doing something like riding a bike... eh, they start to question me so pictures happened. E actually took a crapload, but there's no need to share all that so you get one of me texting as I sit on the bike and one of me sharing the bird with you. Just so you know, we did 10 miles which I guess is impressive for someone who doesn't ride at all. My husband typically does 50+ so this wasn't shit for him. I was a bit amazed that I wasn't sore the next day and I still feel nada today. Also, you get one of E at some crazy looking bridge. He said it would be his new profile pic on FB. He lied.

I'm not going to lie to you.. I majorly procrastinated yesterday and I don't think it was from fear (like Elizabeth says on her podcast) but mostly because Monday was a rough day for me.

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