Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Paper Files | 5 - Adult Coloring Time

Today I'm sharing my newest find in The Paper Files, the Gangsta Rap Coloring book by Aye Jay (affiliate). Folks on my FB feed have been talking about how coloring for adults is therapeutic and what not so while searching Amazon for a nicely priced and basic coloring book, I came across this book. Now there are plenty of popular books that are probably a bit better, but this one spoke to my soul.

Two stories real quick...

Recently a friend asked me if I remember when I fell in love with Hip-Hop (Brown Sugar anyone? Also an affiliate) and my thoughts rushed to when I was in 5th/6th grade jamming Tupac and Bone Thugs. I replied with that information and we moved on to another convo. Later that day the convo came back up in my head and I realized that I had replied with when I fell in love with Gangsta Rap, not Hip-Hop. I guess technically I fell for Gangsta Rap first which explains why this book spoke to my soul. Not to mention there's a lot of my favs in this book like Tupac duh!, Biggie, Scarface, E-40, Geto Boys, etc.

Second story.. I was talking to another friend yesterday about this coloring book & she asked for a picture of the inside. She said that her brother had bought her a coloring book, but that it was so freaking intricate that to color one page it took her a few days. She then sent me a picture and it was beautiful but looked like way too much work. I can be impatient when it comes to my "art" and I totally use that loosely, so those intricate books with all the lines and complications... yeah, not happening!

Back to the book, it's 50 pages of black and white images of your childhood gangsta rappers and you get to do whatever you want to them. There's a page in the beginning of some gangsta rap talk and towards the end there's another one acknowledging each of the rappers in the book. 

Did you pick up a coloring book when the hype about adults using them started? What did you get?

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  1. Coloring Tupac's tattoos looks fun - what did you choose to color?


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