Friday, October 30, 2015

Sponsored | Business Bestie Brunch

On Saturday, I was invited to attend the first Business Bestie Brunch in Houston held by The Marketing Chicks. This conference's mission was to motivate women in their business and give support. We're talking about 40 or so female minority entrepreneurs listening to motivational speakers, receiving powerful business messages and supporting one another. Oh, and there's brunch!

The conference was held at the Hyatt Place Houston in The Woodlands so it was a bit of a drive for me. Once there I met up with Jihane and Bre and headed inside the conference room to the smell of breakfast! After 'oohing' & 'awing' at the beautiful decorations and the cute swag bag at each table, we put our things down and headed towards the amazing smell! Our table also included Laura and Brittany, both bloggers/writers. I recently met Laura at the HLB networking event and I met Brittany at the last event The Marketing Chicks held.  

Once everyone was settled with a full tummy, Nicole from The Marketing Chicks welcomed us and asked us to introduce ourselves. Standing up in front of a room of ladies I don't know makes me incredibly excited and nervous. I always expect myself to stutter or fall out of my chair while trying to stand up. LOL! It hasn't happened, thankfully, but I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. Nicole talked a bit more about what this conference was about and how sticking together (via the FB group) is a great way to support each other.

Janee V. Henderson, a life coach, was our first speaker. She asked us what our vision for our business was. She wanted it to be plain and realistic, just like our goals. Nothing outrageous so that you could accomplish it within 30 days. Sacrifices & taking risks are a big part of running your own business, which brings me to the next speaker.

Seneca Dunmore is a very accomplished female who is a great motivational speaker. She talked to us about growing up in the hood and dealing with negativity. She said that everything that is urgent is not important and everything that is important is not urgent. As soon as she said that the room started clapping and oohing. It was a powerful statement for ladies who have a hectic business & personal life that are just trying to stay sane. She mentioned our vision and how not everyone is meant to come with you. This is crucial because we have so many undercover haters in our circles that we need to learn to dismiss the folks who are no good for us. Relationships should be similar to an ATM she said. You both deposit and withdraw evenly.

Another speaker was Yesenia Serratos who shocked us with news that the gov't had grants available for any of our businesses!! She explained the difference between an LLC and a Corporation (do you know?) and how to properly register our business. She told us to network and find win/win relationships and how to grow.

Level Office explained the amazing services they offer for small businesses like a virtual office!!! This is something I never thought of. As a business you don't necessarily want to share your home address with your clients. Call up Level One and you get a virtual address starting at $50/mth and they even receive your mail. They provide private work spaces or co-working areas that include killer amenities like an espresso bar, hi-speed internet, furnished offices, open 24/7/365 and mucho mas.

Then Kirsten Berger, a makeup artist and life coach, spoke about success and how to look the part. She told us that if you're not comfortable in the way you're dressed, you can't be successful. See, this is why I wear Chucks no matter where I go. It's always been crucial for me to wear what I want since I'm not a fancy pants type of chick. She said something that stuck with me- Success is a result not a goal. You like that, huh? She told us that everyone judges everyone so deal with it. This is particularly important for folks starting a business. You shouldn't be afraid of so and so judging your or hating on you. What they do has nothing to do with you.

The happy surprise speaker for me was Kristal Howard, who is a PR agent for Kroger. I say surprise because I've seen Kristal at the BE conferences and didn't expect to see her here. She gives great tips on connecting with brands and it's always real. She doesn't beat around the bush or tell you what you might want to hear. 

Overall, I'm extremely happy to have been invited and to be a part of a group of ladies that wants to grow and support each other. In the blogging world/business world it's important to have a great tribe to help with whatever you need. If you haven't already been to a conference for your business (yes, blogging is a business), I highly recommend you look into it. If you can't do conferences because they're a bit pricey for you, consider looking into becoming a member of a FB group. There are so many really good ones out there!

Thank you again The Marketing Chicks for a fantastical, motivating conference. Can't wait to meet up again for the follow up conference.

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