Friday, October 16, 2015

Houston Latina Bloggers | First Networking Event

A few years ago, a few blogger friends and I met up to discuss the road we wanted to take as Houston Latino Bloggers. There wasn't a group representing us & since there's so many of us, we knew something needed to be done. We typically like to meet up after conferences because we're full of ideas and so inspired. Since this meetup, we've made an FB group and have grown our numbers. We've met some really great people & connected with amazing brands!

Our founders, Connie from Momma of Dos & Jihane from OnixJihane, have been working hard behind the scenes to make the first HLB event a fantastical one. I joined them in taking care of the social media/web development side of the group and I'm stoked about it.

Our first event will be held at Alicia's beautiful place, The Thinking Girls Boutique, and will be all about networking. Mingling is the name of the game & it won't just involve bloggers and Latinos. We've invited all sorts of people to join us to make this event memorable. You know Latino's love food so of course we have some delicious noms from Pollo Tropical and some sweet goodies by Crumble & Co. Oh, and wine! Lots and lots of wine from Wildling Wine

Words from our Founders:
HLB is composed of 50+ local Latina bloggers. Our bloggers are very diverse; our topics range from fashion, entertainment and local happenings to general lifestyle, parenting, politics and technology. 
We are having our first official HLB event this weekend. As a group we actually see each other on a regular basis at different events and we communicate almost daily. Our group also ranges from beginner bloggers, literally just a couple of month into it,  to those of us who are very seasoned. 
Some of the writers are Bilingual who write in both Spanish and English. We work with local and nation wide campaigns to help brands/companies expand or obtain further exposure in the Latino community. Some of our blogs reach thousands all over the US and overseas, too. Our group has several stay-at-home moms and also a wide range of professionals. We have Authors and well know Social Media personalities. A lot of our bloggers are graduates with various college degrees. 

We're still working on the official website & the database of the Latina bloggers in Houston, but our Instagram and Twitter are going strong and we would love for you to follow. Follow tomorrow's event with #HLBnetwork.

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