Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 37

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots pt 37, brought to you by my boys Remidog & Finnashit. This weekend was truly one of the best I've had in a very long time. I was in fantastical company, ate some nomtastic goodies and even caught up on some pillow time!

Weekend started off with a Houston event that I've been super excitamated to attend for a few weeks now. It was FYHA's grand opening party and it was a must for me because duh! Houston IS awesome and F**k is one of my fav curse words :) I censored that for you..  

F**k you, Houston's Awsome has had an online store for a while & I'm pretty sure they've had a store before but this was like the super duper grand opening party for them... I guess? The store is located at 2315 Commerce, 77002 if you're down to stop by and say shellos! It's in a warehouse type district so if you stop by to say shellos to them, make sure you stop at the other shops in the bldg. 

Two of my girls joined me on this Houston adventure & I'm glad I invited them. We enjoyed some great art, interesting characters, music, tacos from a fantastical truck (cannot remember the name #fail), bought a shirt and even saw some homies I knew. Bre from Brewrites & her husband were there, we totally should have taken a picture #bloggerfail and my best man, J was there too. I totally should have expected to see him because he's too damn cool to not attend LOL! Grand Prize held the after party for the FYHA event with a special drink called The Purple Prize.. loaded with Bacardi 151, grape liqueur, Sprite, gardnished with a grapy Jolly Rancher and served with a double styrofoam cup. I mean, it's Houston 100%!!

Saturday was a super duper chill day for me. E spent the morning and evening biking with a few hour breaks in between. This meant I could catch up on my shows and be extremly lazy with no judgement. Not that E judges me, but sometimes #ChulatheChi judges me or Remidog does when he wants to romp around outside and I'm just not having it.

Sunday was a glorious day. I started my weekend reppin' Houston and ended it the same damn way. We hit up Bernie's Burger Bus in Bellaire for the first time since they opened up a storefront. We were big fans of the buses but since we moved, everything is so far... So when E and I contemplated on what we wanted for lunch and Bernie's came up..we knew we couldn't say no even though it was so far. Not only was it worth it, but we also brought home leftovers!!

I ended my day with Tyler Durden and Bluebell ice cream. I think it's safe to say it was a good weekend!


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