Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Letters | 2

Dear new to me iPhone 6,

I appreciate your capacity. I appreciate that I no longer have to worry about not having enough space or having to delete precious pictures (or other apps) in order to make the new app happy. You are appreciated!

Dear Kroger by Casa de Reed,

Thanks for stocking up on mucho veggies for my last visit. I had been pretty sad on my last few visits, but you totally made up for it! Zuchinni & Squash pasta is a big fav in our casa!

Dear Husband,

Friday will be 7 years together. Why does it feel like it's been an eternity? Haha, totally kidding! Happy early 7 years, Smelliott! <3

Dear Bossman,

Thanks for giving me Friday off so that I could have a 3 day weekend to romp around the lake with my husband!!

And lastly..

Dear Bisexual homies,

Happy #BiVisibilityDay!!! We're living in a time where our sexuality is evolving and is finally being accepted by the masses. Thank you for standing up for who you are! You are one of a kind and in charge of who YOU ARE and who YOU LOVE! Don't let anyone tell you that you're greedy or confused or plain right stupid.. You deserve to love whoever you want without being judged. <3 <3


Wednesday Letters is a series where I share my appreciation for things/people in my life. I started this after seeing the Momma of Dos series, Friday Letters.

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