Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Paper Files | 4 - Where's Waldo?

Today I'm sharing some Where's Waldo? postcards that will be going to their new home to entertain the shizzle out of a new family! If you haven't already noticed, I'm a kid at heart so these cards speak to me! I grew up playing with the books and trying to find Waldo's mischievous ass. So when I saw this postcard set, I had to make it a part of my collection.

For those who don't know the backstory on Waldo..

His natural name is Wally so it is originally called, Where's Wally? In the US & Canada, his name was changed to Waldo. The books were created by an English illustrator named Martin Handford. The book series if full of very detailed, double-paged spreads of dozens or more people doing a number of amusing things at the theme picked by Martin. As a reader, you are challenged to find Waldo somewhere on the double-paged spread. Waldo wears a very distinctive red & white striped shirt, a hat and glasses that make him a bit easier to find. 

These postcards in particular have Waldo hidden somewhere and then you're given three tasks to find in the image. Where it be to find a cat, a ladder or even a character wearing specific clothing. I figured this would be a great card to send to two families who have kids that have never heard of Waldo. Plus, who doesn't love snail mail these days? I know I do!!

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