Friday, September 11, 2015

Peter Pan 360 Tour | Houston, TX

Disclosure: I received two media passes to attend this event.
The opinions expressed here are my own.

Today I'm sharing last nights adventure in Never Never Land. If you follow me on IG, you saw a few pictures and videos from the adventure. I swear they do this show no justice. JM Barrie's Peter Pan 360 opening night was last night. They'll be here until October 4th and I swear it's completely worth it. And not just if you have kids because we don't have any & still had a blast! 

When I received the invite to watch the rehearsal and see the show, I was a bit ecstatic. I emailed E immediately and asked if he'd be interested in joining me in Never Never Land. He of course said yes and so the waiting game started.

We arrived early like the invite mentioned but the rain was so crazy that everyone was behind & running late. Thankfully the folks in charge were able to get us situated and before we knew it, we were inside the big theater tent and watching the actors do their thing. We got a chance to check out their fight call, which is basically a slow-mo of the two major fight scenes in the show. They use real blades so it's crucial that they practice so no one gets hurt. We also got a chance to talk to some of the actors, including awesomesauce Tinkerbell! We watched some flying scenes and the mermaids doing their thang which was super impressive. Then we were shown how the tent itself turns into a big projector. It truly makes a difference in the story, especially when they fly!!

After rehearsal we visited the VIP section which had some nomtastic drinks (wine & Stella) and some tasty Hors d'oeuvres. This gave me a chance to settle my excitement (& E's too) & post some goodies on FB & IG. I'd like to take a sec and mention how freaking great the staff was. From the Stage Manager to the chick selling us the popcorn.. everyone was so polite and helpful! And you know how i'm a stickler for customer service haha!

After the snacks, we went back in to find our spots. During the first ten minutes or so of the show, we felt like folks were being a bit rude or the mic's weren't on loud enough. The music was fine, but it was a hard to understand what they were saying. Thankfully, E & I know the Peter Pan story very well. It's definitely one of our favs! Once every one settled down, the show was mucho better!!

Watching the show after the rehearsal totally made a difference. Seeing the slo-mo with no music and no lights was cool, but once the lights and the sound came into play.. we were blown away!! There are about 22 actors and they all did so freaking well. The chemistry between them was there and the passion to play each character was on point. Nana and the alligator were both played by actors you could see. Instead of having a person in a dog suit, they had a puppeteer hold Nana up and make her noises (barks & whines). The alligator was played by two guys who either peddled or pushed with their feet. The Stage Manager mentioned that this was one of his favorite parts and when he was telling us I thought it was a bit weird... until I actually saw it happen. Now I can't picture Nana in any other way, yanno.

I imagine its not easy to travel 8 weeks or more at a time together when you miss your home or family/friend events. But then there's the happies.. the traveling with good friends and the smiles (ohhh's & ahh's too) on the folks faces when they are obviously very entertained by you. But this is the life they chose and it looks to be an entertaining one!

I'm extremely grateful to have had a chance to experience this awesome event & I'm wishing the cast a fantastical time in Houston. On & off the show!! Grab your kids, siblings, parents & grandparents & take them to this show! If you haven't purchased tickets yet you can get tickets here and visit the site for more details on the show. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for news, sneak peaks and chat from the actors. One more thing.... #nevergrowup!!

See pictures and videos after the cut.


  1. This looks amazing! I want to go see it now. I bet my kids would love it!! Great post, thank you for sharing!!!

  2. WOW!!! I already knew I wanted to see this show, but now I HAVE to go!!!


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