Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 34

Today I'm sharing my Weekend Snapshots, pt. 34 brought to you by my delicious bear claw and smoothie from Panera Bread. I could totally use this as my breakfast today I met Connie from Momma of Dos Saturday morning so she could hook me up with the tickets I won on her blog last week. Also to discuss the blogging world and how we have a sweet idea for an event you won't want to miss. More on that later.

Before we hit Panera Bread, we met at Five Below. Everything in the store is $5 or less (almost everything). I call it the dollar store on crack. The goodies range from school supply, to nail polish, to work out equipment to coloring freaking books. It's a dangerous place to be in without a partner to remove you from the store. Luckily, I was there for Connie :) There were tons of journals with cute or funny sayings on the front. The one we thought best described us is the one in the picture below. Not that we're mean or anything ;) We also took school pictures at Five Below. Connie with her big curly blonde hair and me with my gangsta keyboard LOL!

E caught a good picture of me and the kid Saturday afternoon. I get so caught up taking pictures of my kids, friends, family, FOOD, etc that I don't take too many pictures of me. So this was nice.. especially since my oldest and my youngest are in this shot. This is also the last picture taken with Shanks, my iPhone 5. More on that later..

After the picture with my boy, E & I hit the Goodwill up with goodies we no longer cared for. That blue recliner was purchased for Remidog at a thrift store years ago. He used the hell out of it and even shared it with his siblings. We didn't find a good place for it in our new house so we left it in the garage for when Remidog sits out there with E. Thankfully, E scored some comfier sits a while back so we put those in the garage to replace the recliner. We took some rugs, clothes, a nerf gun and some home deco we just couldn't add to our home now.

After the Goodwill, I convinced E to go with me to the ATT store to see about upgrading Shanks. It's not something I wanted to do but more that I needed to do it. Shanks wasn't working properly and in this day and age.. it's a huge problem. Especially when the battery wouldn't hold the charge. My plan was to upgrade to a 6 and move on, but nooooo Julie (the rep) just had to tell us about the $99 bundle they had going on. E's eyes lit up when she said we could get the 6 and the iPad mini for $99. I certainly didn't need one, but it would have been nice to upgrade my 2 for the mini. Long story short, I bought both the phone (for me) and the mini (for him). Conclusion -> my husband is spoiled.

I'm adjusting nicely to the 6. It is bigger in my petite hands, but it's just so freaking nice. Oh, and the fact that it holds a charge is amazing! Who would have thought it would do that LOL! I ordered a case and tempered glass screen protector on Amazon that should arrive manana. Until then, the original plastic it came with will not be removed. I'll stroke out if something happens before I get the protective gear on it. No, seriously.


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