Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 32

Today's post is brought to you by bath time with Chula, the Chi. She doesn't completely hate bath time because who doesn't like free massages, right? She shivers like we're on the North Pole and fills my hands up with kisses Aww! After bath time, she disappears to her bed and burrows herself until it's dinner time or potty time. If Finn has legs for days, Chula has ears for days haha! For those who don't know, Chula is 11 years old and lost her mama, Grandma Zoey, last September. Chula is the oldest & the smallest of my pack. <3

The kids and I hung out all weekend without any interruptions. Occasionally my battery runs really low and I randomly pick a Saturday to charge back up. This Saturday was definitely it since I slept until almost 1 in the afternoon. I'm not ashamed to admit it happens maybe once a month. A good night's rest is extremely important for your health (even if it lasts into the afternoon, LOL). Especially if you've been stressed out with work and hell, life in general.

My boys did their usual weekend stunt which is play hardcore and then chill hardcore. In the first picture after the cut Remi is being vocal with me, as usual. He was upset that someone was walking by our house Gasp! The horror! so after telling him to park his butt, he mouthed off. It was a perfect shot showing a frustrated, back-talking kid and a happy, KONG (affiliate) chewing kid.

Batman & Texas, two of my favorite things <3 Jay is still holding down her potty area in our backyard. It's the only section she handles her business in and it's quite funny to watch her figure out a good spot for the goods. The itty bitty light by our backdoor is surprisingly bright and there's a plant from the side of our casa that is most definitely interested in intertwining itself with the light and the fence -shrugs- 

Last shot is of the two boys & their big little tomboy sister. It warms my heart to see my pack snuggle together. It's one thing to snuggle with the humans but to see them snuggle together.. ahh it's so freaking sweet. E & I like to jump in the snuggle fest but that just means Remidog will make a stop bothering me noise while Leana tries to lick your face and Finn possibly farts on you. Ahh, the joys of dog parenting!

Cheers to the new week!!

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