Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 30

Today's post is brought to you by my oldest boy, Remidog. The bed he is laying on is an Orvis bed that Jay got for her 9th birthday. I've always wanted an Orvis bed for my kids but since they're pricey and my boys like to tear shit up, I've purchased beds from Marshalls/Homegoods.. just like I do with the clearance toys, haha!

I spent most of Saturday afternoon working on my EPIC BLOG (affiliate) planner and my blog. I have tons of ideas now that the creative funk has gone its own way. Hallelujah! Instead of writing in the book, I chose to write in a journal I got at the Thrive Blog Con earlier this year with my Momma of Dos pen :) This way I can use the book for years to come with no issues.

E & his primo Bubba hit the bike trails Saturday and afterwards we hit up the favorite Mexican joint. It's been a long time since we've been there and boy was it nomtastic. E decided to be the only adult at our table and ordered a beerita with a Dos X, haha! I ordered enchiladas verdes which really can't be photographed pretty so I chose to go with my charros. I LOVE charro beans!!

Like I mentioned above, Jay got an Orvis bed for her 9th birthday and the boys are happily breaking it in for her. After the cut, you'll see two pics of the kids on the bed. One of Finnashit acting all model like and the other of him and Jay on the bed. I love all my kids but the love I have for Jay is like no other. We've been through some serious shit together and when I tell you that she was there for me.. I speak the truth. Folks who don't own dogs will never understand this feeling but it's real.

It's been two Sundays in a row that Remidog has jumped on our bed. It's a big deal because we don't let our kids get on the bed. It's mostly because their hair irritates the hell out of my skin & because I know they like to roll around in shit haha! But he's gotten away with it and to be honest, I kind of like it :)

I decided to use my Kate Spade planner until the end of the year and use the ban.do planner January of next year.. that doesn't mean I can't share pages from them both though, right? :)


Cheers to the new month!!

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