Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Project Life | Favorites

Today I'm sharing 5 Project Life layouts I'm currently loving.
I use Studio Calico's community to get inspiration for my layouts
& thought maybe you needed some inspiration too.

P.S. I haven't made another PL layout since my creativity funk left
which is why you're seeing this post instead ;)

Amy loves pretty paper like me!! Her IG is full of color and creativity.
She shows us how to be a Project Lifer even if you're in your twenties with no kids.

Emma is a Project Lifer and a Planner addict.
Follow her to check out the awesome clear stamps she's been working with.

Stephanie is a momma of two during the day and a crafter at night.
She's obsessed with paper and photography. Great combos!

Celine lives in the South of France and her arts & crafts are amazing! She has workshops & a book club that you can join in on. Her IG is a mix of fantastical colors & her artistic life.

Brandi is a doodler. Not just any doodler, she's a doodler beast!! 
She's a Reading Rainbow fan (did you hear it's on Netflix now?) and she's a huge book lover.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. This is the second Project Life post I've seen this week. They're all so pretty - I wish I had that kind of creativity but no matter what, it looks like a second grader slapped stuff together!

    1. Don't give up Lauren! My first pages are so scary I've never posted them online LOL! It's all about finding your way of doing things. I tried so many different ways and finally found that simple & basic is the way for me.


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