Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 29

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the nomtastic burger I had for dinner at home. K, so technically this is my husband's burger (I don't like onions), but his was way more photogenic than mine was. We've made burgers two weekends in a row and I think we're going to make it a Casa de Reed weekend tradition. I mean, my stomach isn't complaining so why not, right?

I'm not into malls or crowded stores because people so I do most of my shopping online. Unless your name is Target or Homegoods/Marshalls. I make exceptions for those because my soul would not be the same without them. Oh, and then there's HEB but lately Krogers has been my place for groceries. So yes, I do a lot of online shopping and Old Navy is one of those places. I'm not a huge fan of their clothes because the sizes are weird and because the quality of their clothes isn't always really good. But my husband loves their jeans & khakis so I shop there for him. I bought him a few things and bought myself some slip-on sandals which finally arrived on Saturday. I've been peeping these type of sandals for about a month now but since I really love my money & I don't like buyers remorse.. I've been holding out. I saw these and went for it because why not, right? They fit nicely and seem comfy, but I sort of feel like they're too masculine.. E says it's all in my head (which I don't doubt) so we'll see how it goes.

We also received our Lootcrate this weekend and the goodies were awesome as usual. One of the things in the box was a "She can do it" poster with Wonder Woman. I put it on my corkboard above my desk for those moments when I'm not feeling confident. If you're not already a Lootcrate member, you should really look into becoming one. Click here for more info.

Croissants are my shizzle! I could seriously eat the entire case in one sitting and feel sick as hell afterwards.. but it would totally be worth it. Toasted croissants, mmm!

The last shot is of my PL. I'm almost two months behind, but I'm still going. Sometimes the creative funk gets the best of me and I fall behind. Kind of how I'm falling behind on my blog. The creative funk is real!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, haha!


Cheers to the new week!!

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