Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 28

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Remidog, Finnashit & the powerful KONG (affiliate). These boys could be acting up or sleeping so hard they're drooling.. but the moment the KONG is seen.. they immedieately stop & stare at the KONG! We've been meaning to get another KONG so that the boys each have one but they seem to interact more with just one. Plus, Finn likes to play with whatever his brother plays with and vice-a-versa. 

I had Pinks Pizza Saturday for the first time and I was very pleased! The bread is the most important part for me because unlike most folks, I like to eat the entire slice. I mean, the huesito (the crust) is my all time favorite part.. especially if there's some type of delicious dipping sauce. Mmm, so freaking good! Definitely recommend them if you're in the area of their 7 locations.

Friday night I met up with three fantastical ladies that I've known for 5+ years. We used to go out a lot and have a great time until adulthood really hit us. You know exactly what I mean by that too, don't ya? Marriage, bills, work, school, family and so on. Plus we're much older now. Going out and getting shit faced is not something we're down for. Not that we did that alot but now we really can't hang for shit, haha! I swear the hangover the next day is not pretty when you get older. Eek! Oh and one of them is preggos so that's def a no can do. Yay for being preggos!! <3

So the ladies (& one hubby) tried a new place (to me) called Bar Boheme in the Montrose area. This is the area of town we always go to because of the amazing grub and awesome atmosphere! While waiting for the ladies to get to the bar, I searched #barboheme on Instagram and srsly fell in love. I saw a picture of the Vietnamese Fries they sell and knew, no, I FELT I needed them in my life. Think I'm exaggerating? Let me tell you what is in these nomtastic fries.. Hoisin, garlic mayo, cilantro, crushed peanuts AND lots and lots of Sriracha (affiliate) or as we call it.. Cock Sauce. Yeah, that's not ketchup you see, it's spicy ass cock sauce. It was on our table for a good 6 minutes before it disappeared and we were ordering a pizza, haha! We ordered the Truffle Mushroom pizza with red sauce, oyster mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic, truffle salt, rosemary and truffle oil. Yes, pretty damn good too, but I removed the oyster mushrooms because shrooms and I do not get along..

Sunday was a rough day in Casa de Reed. We did some serious Spring, er, Summer cleaning in our garage. E brought home some furniture from work that was perfect for our garage and we hung up my bike next to his. Yes, I have a bike that Mama Carrizo hooked me up with. Really need to get my ass going on it. In the garage we made three piles.. trash, Goodwill and attic. Can you gues which one was the bigger pile? Yeah, Goodwill for sure LOL! Another piece of furniture that E brought home was a KALLAX. You know I LOVE IKEA, so when he said "I have one of those cubbie things from IKEA that you like", I immedeiately told him yes! I mean, you don't say no to KALLAX/EXPEDIT, right? So we swapped out our entertainment stand for it and will be taking our old TV stand and cabinet thang to Goodwill sometime this week. Very productive weekend with lots of good times!

I'm meeting up with a friend tonight to watch Amy Schumer and Bill Hader's new flick, Trainwreck. These two are hilarious and I know I won't be disappointed with them!

Cheers to the new week!!

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