Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 26

Today's post is brought to you by my happyass at the movies. I convinced E to go to the movies with me on Sunday. We don't normally go to movie theaters.. because people, haha! But early Sunday evenings aren't too bad.. plus we went to a theater we've never been to. Matter of fact, this is the first time we've gone to the movies since we bought Casa de Reed in Nov. '14. We're huge homebodies.. or hermits like one of my good friends calls me, haha!

July 4th made this weekend a crazy one for our Remidog. He's the only one who panics with fireworks (or really loud noises). We attribute it to his past of being a homeless, mangy pup because otherwise, he's a healthy pup! The best way to get him to calm down & relax is by cuddling up to him so everyone in the family helped out a bit. First picture after the cut shows Finnashit cuddling up to him because love!!

Finnashit has perfected sleep mode on anything or anyone, as I'm sure you've noticed in past pictures. Haha! Our AC is too good sometimes and the living room turns into a freaking freezer so I hide my feet under a pillow. You know cause getting up to put socks on is so much work! Finn gives no effs and lays his skinny body on the pillow while Chula lays on my lap. I swear I have no space or privacy with these kids LOL!

E & I watched the first four Terminators at home this weekend. The second movie will always be the best in my book, no matter what!!! The third one is lame and I call it the Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) of the Terminator series HAHA!! We picked Jurassic World to watch at the movies only because this series was a big deal to E when he was a kid (mostly the books). Plus, by the time the movie time rolled up on us, we weren't done with the fourth one.

On our way to the movies, Fancy thought it would be nice to have a flat tire. Come to find out, there was a huge screw in one of her shoes and that meant we had to go back home and switch rides. She's at the dealer this morning with Mama Carrizo to get a replacement shoe!

After the movie we went to Chuy's for dinner. I swear this place speaks to my soul yet this was my second visit. No clue why I haven't been there more often, it's not like its pricey or anything. I ate the chicken flautas & E ate a southwestern enchilada which looked more like an empanada. Weird. We also had some 'ritas because we like to adult hard! The section we sat in was full of dog pictures and dog art which we thought was pretty awesome!

If you're curious what I thought of the movie.. If I had to judge it from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.. I'd have to give it a 6. The story line was really bad but the action was legit. Humans doing what humans do best, attempting to be God, is always a fail to me. Any story that involves locking up animals for human entertainment is bad no matter how you look at it (but we never learn). Before I saw it, I remember people saying it reminded them of SeaWorld or the Zoo. After watching it, I have to agree 100%. Seems like greed is always number one in these types of movies (which happens a lot IRL). One idiot wants to make a crapload of money at the expense of an animal. Shame on them. A very small amount of comic relief but I guess if you're a Chris Pratt fan, you loved it but wanted more shirtless shots, haha! Don't think I'm giving it a 6 because of how they used the dinosaurs for entertainment.. I'm giving them a 6 because the story was super basic. Then again, it was PG-13 and most folks went to see it for the action. Def a rental rather than a theater movie for us! 

K, I'm rambling as usual so let me stop...

Cheers to the new week!

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