Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Project Life | Wk 21

Today I'm sharing Week 21 of my Project Life. So that creative funk I told you about.. yeah, it's still around :( I had such a hard time getting this layout done because of it. I tried several layouts before actually gluing my pictures down. I finally gave up, grabbed a 12x12 at the top of my paper stack and went for it. I cut two 6x4 pieces out of the 12x12 and used the same colors on it to add stickers and embellishments. It really required a small amount of creativity which I am so very grateful for, haha! 

This week starts off with a snapshot of my little man inside his sister's crate -facepalm- He's pretty sure everything in the house is his even if it's too small for him. A good friend of mine had a birthday this week so we had a tasty lunch date at Cafe Express. I received my work shirts which made me super duper happy. I remember disliking school uniforms as a kid and now I really appreciate how easy it is to put myself together in the morning, haha! I share a shot of Mama Carrizo smiling and looking amazing from our lunch at the OG. Two more shots of the little man being a pain.. one sleeping (as usual) and the other from after his bath. A #aristumbles shot and a selfie of me in Fancypants. That sums up the week and time to work on the next one..

Cards: Midnight Edition Core Kit (affiliate)
Stamps: Studio Calico's number clear stamps for the week number
Pictures: Printed with Canon SELPHY CP910 (affiliate) & cut to size


What is Project Life? Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You use pictures with some journaling for each week of the year for an entire year. This is my second year (does last year even count?) doing PL & I'm excited to follow through.. I organize my PL cards by size, 3x4 or 6x4, not by who makes them. I do all my paper crafting goodies this way. Because of this, I won't be able to break each item down to the brand. But if I remember, I remember, haha!

For more of my PL pictures, visit my Flickr page.
For more ideas on PL, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to PL.

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