Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 25

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by bath time & Finn, the swiffer duster! He's the only one in my pack that enjoys bath time. Jay doesn't mind it but Finn will jump in the tub when someone else is getting bathed.. it's all quite funny and messy. E told me that Finn should go to the groomer, but I think his hair gives him character. Especially his little man beard that he's had since he was a puppy. Benjamin Button syndrome anyone? Haha! 

A while back Stephen Amell (CW's Arrow) had a campaign benefiting Stand for Silent & Paws and Stripes. The campaign sold shirts, hoodies, iPhone case, tote bags, etc. Since I am a fan of Stephen (he's not that good of an actor but he's good peoples & nice to look at -wink-) and I support both of these organizations, I bought me a white tee. These types of campaigns (Represent.com) run on a timeline. They have a certain amount of days to collect the amount they'd like to reach (similar to Kickstater). Once the amount and the due date is reached, the product is sent to the purchaser. If the amount wasn't reached by the due date, nothing is done. The goal on this one was to sell 1,000 products to which they reached 67,000+. The only thing I wasn't too sure about is how much of the profits for these products were being given to these organizations.. 

I went out with Mama Carrizo and my sister on Saturday to celebrate Mama Carrizo's birthday! We gave her a little shopping spree and ate a nomtastic dinner at Japaneiro's in Sugar Land. While shopping, I came across a Kelly Kapowski shirt in the Men's section. Had it not been a large, I totally would have bought it for myself because who doesn't love Saved by the Bell and Kelly? Haha!

Japaneiro's is my fav place and I think I may be converting Mama Carrizo. She got herself a big ol' churrasco with plantanos that my sister & I kept stealing. Haha! We also got a free Oreo tempura because we hashtagged a pic on social media. I mean, these people know the way to my heart!!

Houston had magical rainbows on Saturday which was amazing because it was Pride day! The picture sort of sucks but I was driving and going the other way so this was the best I could do.

I added a picture of my boys sleeping after a rough game of No-it's-my-Kong. They play this game often and then sometimes Remidog will take one of Finn's stuffed toys just to frustrate Finn. Remidog's only obsession is the Kong. I told E that I think the Kong to Remidog is what our cell phones are to us. We take ours everywhere, even the bathroom. Remidog does the same thing Haha!

Last shot is of my beautiful friend, Marilla from Cupcake Rehab, and her Rockstar husband Jay. They've been together for 1.2 million years haha! & were married April 3rd in NYC. She ordered these vintage-styled postcards on Etsy and sent them away to friends and family! I'm part of the family, so of course I got one HAHA! If you'd like to read more about her wedding and how it came to be, check out her post here. It's a heavy picture post with lots of reviews. Super magical!

Cheers to the new week!

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