Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 24

Today's post is brought to you by Finnashit, Leana Little, Remidog and E's pale legs haha! I didn't leave my house all weekend. That means it was an awesome weekend in my Jammies at Casa de Reed. E & the kids were able to replicate the same position on the couch Friday through Sunday. It's too hot to hang out outside these days.. especially since the rain has made it ridiculously humid. Finnashit got a new collar because he's still growing? E bought a neon green one because it was cheap. Finnashit and I would like to boycott this color haha!

E went grocery shopping last week Gasp! and bought grapes. I didn't find them until a couple of days ago. Thankfully, they weren't bad so you know I tore them up! Even brought some to work this morning!

Sunday consisted of eggs, lil' smokies and Pillsbury croissants. Can't forget the Simply Orange with Pineapple, mmm! We like to make a delicious breakfast on at least one day of the weekend. Sunday was my day. I swear it's supposed to be egg with lil' smokies, not the other way around but I love smokies so there's always an exaggerated amount when I cook. The kids get a couple here & there because the puppy faces kill me!

Thinking of starting a new hashtag, #jaysleeps or something similar. She has the funniest positions in the weirdest spots. This weekend was no different. I guess she feels she has seniority and uses two of the beds when she sleeps. Yeah, she did that shit multiple times this weekend.

I hope Kate Spade and them aren't mad at me but I gave in and bought a ban.do Planner. I bought it online because it seemed easier & they gave me a 10% discount wink New post on this & how I feel about it will be up this week. Promise!

I look at my timehop every morning and found one that cracked me up from three years ago. No clue who made that one but I went ahead and made one myself... and I'm sharing it with you!! The 'free download' link will take you to a download screen in my Dropbox. If you use it on IG, mind tagging me so I can have random daily laughs? Use @a_shankasaurus. Muchos thanks <3

close up #jaysleeps

free download
Cheers to the new week!

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  1. Can I come over on Sundays! :) Love your post. Always so relaxing and ready for a new week.


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