Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 23

Today's post is brought you by the sweet bounce house at the awesome baby shower Mama Carrizo and I attended on Saturday. I have no excuse as to why I only posted Weekend Snapshots last week.. it mostly has to do with not having enough time to post. On to other things..

Mama Carrizo went to my childhood friends baby shower. I've known her since 8th grade and even though we've gone months to years without seeing each other, when we get together it's like we've never missed a beat. It was nice to see her Mama and her kids after so long. The games always crack me up in baby showers cause they are so outrageous Lol! They wrapped toilet paper around my bum to make a diaper. I swear we should have won that game but the other team used props that totally made it look like a real diaper haha! 

I found this little pink dog sweater in the dog closet (yes, my kids have their own closet with towels and shit) with the word "Wag" on it and tried it on Chula the Chi. She wasn't too excitamated at first but now I think she's happy with it. The kid sniffing her after the cut is Finnashit. He loves being in every bodies personal bubble haha!

As with humans who sleep in their old age, dogs do the same when they get up there in age. Jay sleeps probably 18 hours of the day and I cannot blame her for it. If I had two humans that catered to me, I'd be sleeping my butt off too. Cracks me up that even though she has 8 different places to lay her fatty butt in, she still chooses to use door frames/wall as her pillow.

My craft area has changed a lot since we moved into Casa de Reed in November. I'm sure all craft areas change regularly but I think I finally nailed it this time. I have enough space on the desk to get my shit done and enough trays and such for all the goodies. The hanging lights are from Ikea, of course. I found a sweet light for my computer desk and think I should have bought a second one for my craft desk, lighting is important when crafting.

I'm sad I didn't take more pictures at the baby shower. Mostly because I forgot to take one with my friend sadface but I did get one of her and another friend's daughter as they measured the toilet paper around the belly. <3 The correct number was 10 and that's exactly the number I had but I missed the tie breaker competition and totally didn't win shit sadfaceagain

Last picture is of my boys. Being lazy asses as usual on the weekend. Still trying to figure out a way to let the light in through our big Living Room window without Remidog going ape shit when someone walks or drives by. Last owners had several window dividers that E and I are seriously considering. I also thought of maybe getting Plantation shutters for just the bottom portion but I'm not sure it'll look right so it's still just an idea.

Cheers to the new week!


  1. LOVE, love love. As usual. Love. Your craft space!! THE PINK SWEATER. Your Momma. You are such a wonderful friend. I hope I get to know you as long as your 8th grade friend and longer!! Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Connie!! I hope to be friends with you for much longer too! I mean, we're Whataburger Soulmates member?! HAHAHA!! Love you!


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