Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 21

Today's post is brought to you by lazyass Jay. Don't be fooled though. Her weekend looked like this (as do most weekdays) but ours did not. A number of things happened this weekend including the Memorial Day flood. Haysoos!

This series is normally posted on a Monday but since Monday was a holiday and technically part of the weekend, you get it today. Let's start off with Saturdays shenanigans, shall we?

I was invited to be part of the Friends & Family Training on Saturday at a brand new Olive Garden Italian Kitchen. I never pass up food, especially the OG bread sticks. I swear they sprinkle something on them that makes them so addicting. I know folks that hit the OG up just for the salad and bread sticks. Thankfully, you can find the OG Italian salad dressing at grocery stores now so you can enjoy it at home (ours never lasts long because husband). Mama Carrizo & I gladly hit up the OG and were amazed by the new look of the place. More of this on the next post but you should know that this particular store opened its doors to the public yesterday --> 2929 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77098.

Remember how I told you I've been ISO a sweet side table for our living room & how I almost brought one home but it was out of stock? Yeah, well I changed my mind & went with a different 'table' (not that I don't want this one because duh! but I'll be putting it somewhere else now). I've always wanted an EXPEDIT shelving unit but since Ikea likes to make shit we love & then yank it from our hearts.. I had to get the next best thing which is the KALLAX. Essentially the same shit but the material and name are different. I thought about buying legs and making it taller but I'm kind of fond of the height it is now. We added some plants (that probably won't survive), a digital picture frame, tray for keys & such, Houston Oilers glasses I found thrifting, all of our Houstonia Magazines, HIWI book, Graffiti & picture book and lastly, an M&M cookie jar that we use for spare change. I think it's perfect for that wall & I'm excited about the changes this unit will go through with us.

I ate crawfish for the first time this season sadface at Hank's Crawfish. This place used to be a great stop for crawfish but on this visit, the mudbugs were pretty small. I enjoyed an adult beverage named Bayou Water, which looks nothing like the actual bayou water Houston is seeing all over the southwest due to the crazy rain we've had sadfaceagain And I also made waffles with Aunt Jemima's pancake mix. I don't think I've made waffles since I was a kid with Mama Carrizo so this was fun. And tasty. The husband and I also did some much needed yardwork on Casa de Reed. Rose bushes received their 5856739607th trim (they're killing me smalls) as did the trees in the backyard. It's amazing the fun I have with the tree pruning stick (affiliate) & how the giggling takes over at random moments LOL!

Last picture isn't too clear but it's what out street looked like last night around 10. Houston was slammed by a powerful storm that caused some serious damage throughout Texas. Thankfully, nothing major happened by our casa. It rained like crazy and the lightning was ridiculous, unlike any other storm I've seen. Our city woke up to water overflowing the bayous and lots of cars under water. Flash floods are no joke and it surprises me every year how brave people get with storms like this. If you can't see the bottom, you probably shouldn't drive through it. As of right now, the death toll is 2 in Houston. I'm sadden by all of the stories I'm seeing on social media of people who have lost everything & still have family members missing all through out Texas. But I am also very happy to see how positive people are and how overcoming things like this is what we are about as a City. We're not called the Bayou City for nothing, yanno? More rain is in our immediate future but nothing compared to what we experienced last night. Stay safe Houston <3

Can someone tell me WHY it always rains during our Houston holidays? Haysoos!

Hope everyone had a safe weekend - Stay dry Texas!

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